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Asya Ship Supply

Contact Name :Ahmet Kahvecioglu
Company Name :Asya Ship Supply
Details :

  Asya General Ship Supplier Company; Now, 20 employees fully dedicated to the ship supply division Who had taken 
  form of experienced and they are very powerfull at their branches, 20 shipping clerks constantly in touch with the
  shipboard. Our repair team is ready to assist you on any type of damages repairs and reconditioning works whereever
  you are in Turkey for 24 hours.  
  Our past experience and know-how of Turkish and European market allow us to deiver the least expensive and the most
  efficient product and services in timely manner.

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Country : Turkey
E-Mail :
Web :
Phone : +90   232 4221423
Fax :+90   232 3477941
Address :Manavkuyu Mah.275/11 Sok No:11/2 B Blok Kat 3 D.8 Bayraklı-İzmir

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