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Atlantiss Marine Systems Pte Ltd

Contact Name :Mr Jadsen Phang
Company Name :Atlantiss Marine Systems Pte Ltd
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Established and based in Singapore, Atlantiss Group is a manufacturer and leading provider for control systems, marine equipment and ship agency services to cater one stop solutions to our clients around the globe. With more than 20 years of experience in the marine industry, we deliver innovative engineering solutions and marine services to Offshore, Marine, Oil and Gas sectors.

We contribute in protecting our clients' assets by assisting them with high quality operations and practical solutions, improving the safety of their operations, enhancing the profitability of their services and minimizing the environmental impact of their activities.

Atlantiss Marine Systems design, integrate and trade a wide range of systems, applications and equipments within the Marine, Offshore, Industrial, Oil & Gas industries.

We deliver exceptional and reliable engineering services that include engineering design, commissioning, procurement, project management and after sales support. Atlantiss Marine Systems ensure the best performance in the available area, meeting client’s requirements for ease of use, safety and reliability.

We provide the following services:

Atlantiss Marines extensive experience with all procedures and practices carried out and administered in ports and bays of Singapore, we were able to provide quality Ship Agency Services to our customers. As we fully know that each vessel should sail to its next destination perfect on schedule, we ensure to serve you Crew Change Repatriation, Immigration and Port Clearance, Procurement and Supply of Spare Parts & Marine Stores, Pilotage and Tug Boat, Provision of Economic, Exclusive Chandelling, Repair & Servicing of Marine & Offshore Deck Equipment’s and any technical services.

Atlantiss Marines provides offshore marine services to ships required for an immigration clearance and secure the captain or any representative with a Port Clearance within 24-hours of arrival or prior to departure time with our Immigration and Port Clearance Services. We are also able to recognize essential staffs from among our applicants so we ensure to only hire those are capable and skilled shipmates for our Crew Change and Repatriation Services. The kind of vessels and tug boats that we use for our Pilotage and Tug Boat Services are those that are highly adaptable and flexible that could serve a variety of sea transportation and tugging services on its most compromising setting which only show that Atlantiss Marines could solve all tough situations with creative and reasonable solutions. With our service on Procurement of Spare Parts and Marine Stores, costumers are guaranteed with only the best marine engine parts in the market at its most possible lowest price. We make sure to search every possible means to meet our costumer’s requirements and to provide them their most favoured goods.

As we aim to provide the best marine chandlery in Singapore and around the globe, we have come up with a wide range of goods and services necessary to help our sailors prepared and competent for a day of work. We are equipped with knowledgeable and qualified manpower in order to pay attention to our clients’ requirements to keep them satisfied with the kind of service we offer. We helped our customers in a way that we were able to maximize the productivity within the crews and staffs.

With our advance technology and reliable engineering services that constitutes Repair and Servicing of Marine & Offshore Deck Equipment, we have integrated an effective method of quality servicing towards our clients. We maintained our manpower with essential trainings and continuous learning in order to deliver an updated engineering solutions and marine services while commissioning quality, safety and reliability in a scope of work each has to offer.

We provide the following services:

  • Immigration and Port Clearance
  • Crew Change and Repatriation
  • Pilotage and Tug Boat Services
  • Bunkering Services
  • Underwater Cleaning and Inspection
  • Procurement and Supply of Spare Parts and Marine Stores
  • Provision of Economic, Exclusive Chandelling Services
  • Repair and Servicing of Marine & Offshore Deck Equipments
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Country : Singapore
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Phone : +65   67458151
Fax :+65   67454060
Address :Loyang Offshore Supply Base BLK 104C TOPS Avenue 1, 27D Loyang Crescent
Atlantiss Marine Systems Pte Ltd

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