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BFI Automation - Flame Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

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Company Name :BFI Automation - Flame Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
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BFI Automation specialises in flame monitoring and evaluation systems. Our products are the result of many years collaboration with major power utilities, leading industrial enterprises and research organisations throughout the world. These products include flame monitoring and evaluation systems, scanner heads for monitoring fuels, flame scanner and monitoring gain-controlled amplifiers, pyrometers and fibre optic flame scanners.


The flame monitoring and evaluation system 3000/4000 is specially designed to protect personnel and plants from explosions due to flameouts. The flame monitoring system 3000/4000 uses the unique flame scanner heads of the series to reliably and safely monitor large gas, oil and pulverized fuel (PF) fired burners individually, unaffected by adjacent and opposite flames, in steam generators of all construction types.

For efficient combustion of different fuels, particularly when aiming to reduce air pollution and fuel consumption, the flame quality must be maintained. Therefore BFI Automation has developed a new generation of flame scanning systems to monitor any combustion instability or flame failure so that the burner control system or the operator can rectify the situation quickly.


  • 100% self-checking solid-state electronics
  • German TUEV-approved and DIN-DVGW registered NG-2530 AS0248
  • Fail-safe design and construction
  • Flame conditions clearly indicated by means of a bar graph and a digital display
  • Indicates any flame instability, which permits an early warning of flame-outs and the diagnosis of burner malfunctions
  • Pre-selectable 'Flame Off' response time
  • Internal interlock with component fault indication
  • Short-circuit protected electronic outputs and relay contacts provide interfacing to existing burner management equipment
  • Uninterruptible emergency power supply with automatic sharing facilities
  • Available for 115/230VAC or 24VDC, low power consumption


BFI Automation offers different types of fail-safe operation scanner heads, which are specially designed to monitor different fuels under normal combustion and air conditions, or under low NOx conditions on all kinds of steam generator constructions.

All scanner heads of the series are designed to be compatible with the flame monitoring system 3000/4000. This monitoring system allows any combination of scanner heads to be used in parallel.

For easy and fast installation of the 3000/4000 flame amplifiers, flame evaluation units, power supplies, battery packs, etc. into cabinets, standard DIN 19in racks are used. All inputs and outputs are situated at the rear of the rack on 32-contact DIN connectors or by the use of backpanels with terminals for front of rear applications. 19in racks for one to six plug-in units are available.


This inexpensive, self-contained flame scanner and monitoring gain-controlled amplifier Type 8.XX is housed in an IP65 enclosure (dust and weather proof). It allows for fast installation on all oil and gas fired burners of any capacity rating, without requiring additional amplifier plug-in units or special scanner cabling.


The temperature level in boilers is an extremely important control parameter. The T1 is a self-contained dual wavelength pyrometer designed to provide this information. The design eliminates problems associated with emissivity variations or radiation absorption by dust and dirt. The exceptionally low cost, maintenance free operation and easy installation allow a rapid return on investment.


The fibre optic flame scanner series is an extension to the flame monitoring and evaluation system 3000/4000 whilst maintaining full compatibility. A fibre optic flame scanner consists of a probe which is coupled to an optoelectronic converter through a flexible length of fibre optical cable.

The compact and robust probe can withstand high temperatures and strong vibration. The system is therefore ideally suited for installations where the mounting and cooling of a conventional flame scanner is difficult or impossible.


The BFI Automation design team is capable of offering engineering service for flame monitoring and burner management systems for new projects or existing power plants, refineries and chemical industries worldwide.

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