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Company Name :BFMP MARINE
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We have been offering Man B&W, Wartsila, Pielstick, Daihatsu, MWM Deutz, Sulzer & Yanmar  ENGINE COMPONENTS to engine factories in China, South Korea and Poland since 2003.  It means we offer engine parts to diesel factories for the engine assembling. Meanwhile, we are the aftersales agent for these engine maker too. Therefore,  we are in a BEST position to offer following GENUINE and OEM spares to you, usually less 5% - 25% than the price you got from engine makers. 
MAN B&W: 16/24, 20/27, 21/31, 23/30, 27/38, 28/32, 32/40, 35MC, 42MC, 46MC, 50MC, 60MC, 70MC, 80MC, 90MC.
PIELSTICK: PC2-2, PC2-5, PC2-6
WARTSILA: RT-flex35, RT-flex40, RT-flex50, RT-flex58, RT-flex68, RT-flex84, RT-flex96, RTA52U, RTA62U, RTA68T-B, RTA72U, RT84TD
SULZER:  RD68, RD76, RND68, RND68M, RND76, RND90, RND90M, RLA 90, RLB 66, RLB 90, RTA48T, RTA52U, RTA58, RTA58T, RTA62, RTA62U, RTA72U, RTA76, RTAF58
MWM DEUTZ: TBD604, TBD620, 236, 226B, TBD234, TBD236, TBD616, TBG236, TBG620.
DAIHATSU: DKM-36, PSHTd-26H, DL-20, DK-28, DKM-26, DK20
CUMMINS: QSK60-M, B3.9, BT3.9, BTA3.9, BT5.9, BTA5.9, BTAA5.9, CTA8.3,CTAA8.3, LTAA8.9, NT855, NTA855, NTAA855, KTA19, KTAA19, KTA38
MTU: MTU 956,MTU 396
YANMAR: N330, N260, M220
SKL: NVD48, 36/24 
CONTACT:MR JOHNSON 86-335-3219621  
On the other hand, we also in a good position to offer spare parts for PROPULSION SYSTEM, DECK MACHINERY, OIL SEPARATORS, AIR COMPRESSORS, BOILERS, PUMPS, ELECTRICAL AND FIRE LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT etc., so please feel free to contact us with any requirements for your vessels.
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Country : China
E-Mail :
Web :
Phone : 86-   335-3219862
Fax :86-335-3219383  
Address :qinghuangdao China 066000

skype: johnson20120119

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