Böcker - Lifting Expert and Full Supplier for the Power Industry

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Böcker - Lifting Expert and Full Supplier for the Power Industry

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Company Name :Böcker - Lifting Expert and Full Supplier for the Power Industry
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The German Böcker Group is a specialist in crane and lift technology. Thanks to our large product range our company, based in Werne/Westphalia, has become one of only a few full suppliers in this sector. Starting with construction winches and material lifts up to large aluminium cranes as well as powerful rack and pinion hoists, including industrial lifts, Böcker provides the right machine for virtually any lifting project.

Modular hoist for challenging construction projects

The GIANT-Lift is the largest rack and pinion hoist in the Böcker product range. It has been used successfully during the construction of several special projects in the power industry; e.g. the erection of cooling towers. Its adaptive mast system allows precise adaptation to requirements on site. An adjustment to concave structures like cooling towers is equally possible.

The sophisticated Böcker control technology can be easily transformed to formwork pursuit. This ensures the effective approach of sliding and climbing formworks and maximum precision at any stage of the construction process.

In daily operation, the GIANT-Lift convinces with its maximum efficiency. Powerful drive units ensure lifting speeds up to 90m/min, so even if projects are almost finished, personnel can be transported to the top of the formwork in a short time.

Permanent installation for material transport in power plants

The GIANT-Lift is also perfectly suitable for permanent installation on power plants. The unmatched capacity of the Böcker hoist up to 3.2t payload guarantees efficient transport in short time. Thanks to a large C-gate bulky material can be transported without any problems. The modular cabin design enables Böcker to provide individual lifting solutions for every construction project.

For precise adaptation to the circumstances on site, Böcker offers its large personnel and material hoist in various cabin sizes. Upon request the GIANT-Lift is also available as a twin hoist with two cabins on one mast. Especially on large power stations this guarantees even more efficient transport of material and personnel.

Industrial lift for safe access to maintenance spots

For safe and efficient access to work and maintenance jobsites, especially on chimneys or boilers, the Service-Lift is the ideal permanent solution on power plants. The modular design and the high-performance components qualify this industrial lift even for challenging operations up to maximum lifting heights of 300m. Frequency-controlled motors ensure running smoothness and maximum lifting speeds of 60m/min.

The lift cabin can be adjusted individually according to the requirements on site. Böcker offers three types of material: stainless steel, epoxy-sandwich design and aluminium. Sliding or bi-folding cabin doors can be used according to the conditions on site. The standard range of cabins varies from compact models for three persons up to large cabins for up to 16 persons. Even tailor-made solutions for up to 24 persons are available upon request.

This lift system complies with the most important international norms and is therefore suitable for projects around the world. Sophisticated components and the engineering expertise of the Böcker specialists qualify the Service-Lift even for extraordinary projects. It even complies with restrictive safety requirements in nuclear power plants.

Lifting solutions for renewable energies

The large Böcker product range covers the full range of energy generation and is also eco-compatible. The Service-Lift has already been used for several projects on solar power plants. The Energy-Lift is the compact alternative in our product range which is tailor-made for wind power stations. With an extremely lightweight mast system as well as compact cabin sizes, the Energy-Lift ideally fits the light grid-mast construction of the wind generators. Its modular design equally qualifies the lift for any other type of power station. The robust outdoor technology ensures perfect functioning even under extremely challenging circumstances.

Tailor-made lifting solutions for the power industry

We consider ourselves a key supplier of lifting solutions for the power industry. That includes individual planning of each hoist. A team of more than 25 engineers and specialists carefully analyses the requirements of each project in order to provide you with tailor-made solutions which fulfil even the most challenging requirements concerning safety, efficiency and reliability.

We offer full consulting from the first step of the project and remain a dependable partner even after the completion of the lift. Strict project-planning standards and direct communication with the customer helps us to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure superior quality for each project. Please contact us directly and we will be happy to design a tailor-made solution for your project.

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Country : Germany
E-Mail : info@boecker-group.com
Web : www.boecker-group.com
Phone : 49   2389 7989 0
Fax :49   2389 7989 9000
Address :Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbHLippestr. 69-7359368 Werne

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