BOMAFA - Customised Turbine Bypass Valves

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BOMAFA - Customised Turbine Bypass Valves

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Company Name :BOMAFA - Customised Turbine Bypass Valves
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BOMAFA Valves is a family-owned German company, founded in 1919, well-established in the German valve market and known for high-quality products and service. BOMAFA offers a complete valve solution together with its sister company, ASFA Actuators, who provide the hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. The company is based in the west of Germany and exports its product and services worldwide.

BOMAFA Valves manufactures special control valves. Over 80 years' experience in severe service control application in power plants, chemical and petrochemical and other industrial plants have proved BOMAFA Armaturen and Services to be a reliable partner in providing truly customised valve solutions.

BOMAFA Valves' product range includes steam conditioning valves, the widest range of customised desuperheater systems, HP-LP turbine bypass systems, feedwater control valves, valves for turbines, safety valves, minimum flow control valves, boiler start up valves, gate valves, orifices; in fact, all kinds of special valves for the medium steam, gas and water markets.

It is BOMAFA's philosophy that only a comprehensive understanding of the customers' applications will ensure that BOMAFA's design will meet the operational requirements. Therefore, BOMAFA Valves is more than a valve supplier. The company is an engineering partner: the consideration of operational needs makes this partnership so valuable to the operators.

BOMAFA design - valve design to last many decades

BOMAFA valve design is based on quality and maintenance friendly design. Easy access to the valve internals, which can be exchanged as one complete unit, provide the shortest possible shutdown time. Round valve bodies is a BOMAFA brand identity to avoid material accumulations to guarantee a long lifetime.

To control the noise level and keep the maintenance cost as low as possible, BOMAFA uses the hole bush system, where the chosen numbers of pressure reducing stages keep control over the noise level. The hole bush system provides an optimum solution, when controllability from 0%-100% capacity is required.

BOMAFA design is constantly modified. BOMAFA can rely on a wide range of successful valve and desuperheater design solutions still in operation for more than three decades. Innovative design engineers use customers' specifications and the company's 80 years' long valve design experience to offer solutions to new projects and reconstructions of existing valves.


Product quality is guaranteed by our proven quality assurance and management system, which is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, and a quality assurance system accredited to European directive 97/23/EC.

BOMAFA manufactures according to all international regulations and standards. Acceptance authorities such as TÜV, German Lloyd, Het Stoomwezen and Brit Lloyd's have already accepted BOMAFA control valves for worldwide supply.

A 100% customised product is supported by a very specialised engineering and production facility. BOMAFA Service is supported by a high degree of flexibility. Experienced service technicians are on stand by to provide immediate service worldwide. It is BOMAFA Valves' philosophy that service is a joint activity between the valve manufacturer and the maintenance personal. Therefore, BOMAFA offers intensive training to plant personal and close assistance during revisions and major overhauls on critical valves.

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Country : Germany
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Phone : 49   2327 992 0
Fax :49   2327 31443
Address :BOMAFA Armaturen GmbHHohensteinstrasse 52Bochum44866

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