China Shipping-HT Marine Co.,Limited

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China Shipping-HT Marine Co.,Limited

Contact Name :Hannah
Company Name :China Shipping-HT Marine Co.,Limited
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We China Shipping-HT MARINE CO., LTD  is mainly engaged in supplying of marine equipment & spare parts、 ship material 、special tools ,ship & spare parts repairing and technical supports , etc .  In addition , our company is also involved in supplying offshore oil platform, petrochemical equipment, metallurgical equipment and dust removal equipment etc.


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Country : China
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Phone : 86   7503258
Fax :86   5907408
Address :Room30A-1-802,Mingrixingcheng,QETDZ ,Qinhuangdao City,Hebei Province,China.
China Shipping-HT Marine Co.,Limited

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