CSSC-MTU Machinery Spare Parts Import and Export Co., Ltd

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CSSC-MTU Machinery Spare Parts Import and Export Co., Ltd

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Company Name :CSSC-MTU Machinery Spare Parts Import and Export Co., Ltd
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CSSC-MTU Engine Parts & Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. is an original professional company serving customers in the fields of ocean, electric power, petroleum and machinery.Provide ship spare parts supply, material supply, food supply, complete set of equipment supply, ship fire rescue equipment inspection and maintenance, import and export (transshipment) service, navigation repair service, Marine service, Marof a series of solutions.

Our good cooperation with thousands of world's leading manufacturers and long-term supply experience give us a wide range of products with stable quality.All products from high quality, certified manufacturers and OEM suppliers, we can prove and guarantee that the products are of original factory quality.

With customers all over the world, we can offer the best solutions and prices for ships built in China, France, Russia, Germany, Poland.It includes diesel engine parts and Marine equipment for sea ships, river ships, ships, government ships, working ships and engineering ships.Famous ship owners, ship management companies and shipyards have established cooperation with us and become our regular customers.

We promise that every inquiry and order from our customers will be handled reliably and efficiently by our experienced team, so that you can sail gracefully at sea.

The purpose of the company is to provide customers with fast and professional one-stop service, is committed to become the world's first-class shipping and offshore engineering services, with good product quality, 24 hours of professional and efficient technical service and perfect after-sales is gradually winning the recognition of domestic and foreign ship owners, ship management companies, customers.

With the tenet of "quality first, service supreme" and the service concept of "striving for better", we will establish, develop and maintain good relations with the majority of ship owners, ship management companies and ship accessories companies, and provide excellent services.

Vision: To become a world-class integrated service provider in the shipping industry

Mission: make the shipping industry wonderful because of us

Core values: reliability, efficiency, environmental protection and innovation

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Country : China
E-Mail : sales@cssc-mtu.com
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Phone :   13398652900
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Address :China
CSSC-MTU Machinery Spare Parts Import and Export Co., Ltd

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