EKS Metal Parts CNC Machining Company

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EKS Metal Parts CNC Machining Company

Contact Name :Jeasin Huang
Company Name :EKS Metal Parts CNC Machining Company
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Metal part manufacturer China EKS CNC Machining Company is a professional metal processing service supplier in China, specialized in metal processing, mainly including die casting, stamping, mold making, assembling and MIM (metal powder injection), especially CNC machining. Focusing on metal parts machining for several years, EKS can manufacture and supply hardware products or metal parts with different dimension and shapes based on customers' requirements. We are professional manufacturer and we promise that all of our products have high quality and good price.
The company has invested a lot in quality and production environment. In 2007, it passed the quality system review of SGS Company and received the first "ISO9000" certificate. In 2016, it passed the environment system review of SGS Company and received "ISO14000" certificate. EKS has carefully implemented each regulation in management details in accordance with ISO, and fully guaranteed the product quality and customer satisfaction.
For more information, welcome to our homepage: http://www.ekshardware.com

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Country : China
E-Mail : metalprocessing@jeawin.com
Web : http://www.ekshardware.com
Phone : 86   5926360601
Fax :86   5926387875
Address :NO.29 Houshantou Road, Shenqing Industrial Area, Guankou Town
EKS Metal Parts CNC Machining Company

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