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Company Name :EQUIP4SHIP
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1 EQUI4SHIP.COM: WORLDWIDE (excluding CIS): +44 20 81446844, EUROPE: +48 91 462-3414,
RUSSIA & CIS: +7 812 336-3132
In these times of global business economic success is defined more and more by the ability to
raise and utilize relevant information.
In 2000 the Internet was accessed by more than 360,000,000 people - 6% of the world’s population.
In 2010 the Internet was used by nearly 2,000,000,000 individuals, which is 29% of the global populace.
The entire number of the world’s Web sites indexed by all web search engines has topped
21,590,000,0001 and the number of registered domains are around 200,000,0002”. The collection of
information in the Internet is huge and incomparable to any other collected data made by humankind at
any time in its history. Any business that is able to harness and fully utilize this massive untapped
source is well placed for success.
This is especially true for the maritime industry with the enormous amount of agents on the market
and the vast pace of technological development. The creation of a stable platform for business is not
easy. The greatest problem is to gather relevant information in one place that can be used for a specific
market or industry niche, as well as the verification and the sorting of useful and irrelevant data.
Among the many maritime Internet web services, a new Polish company has emerged, called
STUDIO IT, it has created a internet platform specialising in the buying and selling of ship equipment.
This project has been co-financing by European Union via the Operational Programme of Innovative
Don’t waste time GOOGLEing it – Find it FAST in one click.
When EQUIP4SHIP was first started by Studio IT, its creators found - after much researching - that the
sourcing of ship equipment in WWW using web search engines like Google, Bing, Altavista etc. was
often a time-consuming business.
The first obvious reason for this is manufacturers are spread all over the Internet and it’s hard to find
some of most useful websites. So STUDIO IT decided that this data had to be located one place where
every manufacturer of ship equipment could display catalogues of their products.
The second important factor with difficulties in finding ship equipment on WWW is that shipbuilding
products can be known by a number of different terms (specific maritime nomenclature), this makes
many technical problems with web search engines designed for multipurpose objectives. The search
engine of EQUIP4SHIP was explicitly designed for the terminology used in shipbuilding and contains
1500 product categories (specialized terminology).
The concept of the platform is very simple and purposefully divided into 2 parts:
- the first module was created for those interested in buying ship equipment
- the second is dedicated for those wishing to sell ship equipment
Find and buy in 5 minutes.
The search engine of EQUIP4SHIP contains 1500 product categories divided into 3 tree sorting lists.
This tree is organized in a hierarchical structure. The buyer can search for a category that fits his
1 According to WorldWideWebSize, 2 June 2010
2 According to Netcraft’s monthly survey, (including subdomains), June 2010
2 EQUI4SHIP.COM: WORLDWIDE (excluding CIS): +44 20 81446844, EUROPE: +48 91 462-3414,
RUSSIA & CIS: +7 812 336-3132
requirements to see products stored there. He can also use the and / or options to narrow or expand the
number of results. It is also possible to search product using keywords. Some products added by
manufacturers can contain very specific details not included in the category name such as type, brand,
description, serial number etc. Searching by keywords together with ticking the and / or option gives
you more flexibility.
When the buyer has chosen the product - or group of products you are interested in - he can quickly
prepare his enquiry or use one of the previous enquiries from his administration panel. Additionally,
within the enquiries he can request quotes, more detailed information about the product, its availability
and time of delivery as well, etc.
Then – with one click – the buyer can send up to 30 enquires. What is more these enquires will go
directly to the right individuals of each respective commercial department chosen by him.
The cheapest ship equipment catalogues in the world.
Companies who wish to sell their ship equipment can quickly and effectively create a catalogue of all of
their products online on the Internet using EQUIP4SHIP. Every user registered as a seller will be able to
use their own personal administration panel. With the help of this panel sellers can add products to their
own catalogue themselves. Additionally, each product that is added can be complimented by an
photograph or illustration. The large number of product categories, together with the user friendly search
engine found within the administration panel can help the seller to quickly and correctly assign their
products to a single or a group of categories. This category system is constructed to assist the seller to
make a decision on which category to choose that will best describe the product. This will mean buyers
are able to find a suitable product easily and in less time.
After adding the product the seller can check how the product is displayed in the “Internet catalogue”,
and all this data can be modified at any time. The adding of any product, even by a novice user should
not take longer than 3 minutes.
The Internet is FREE, but to get good information which is secure from SPAM, you have to pay.
Accesses to the services - for sellers to place their products and buyers to search and purchase ship
equipment at EQUIP4SHIP - are only available after payment. The creators of this Internet platform
believe this is the best method to eliminate what they call “ghost users”, those who cannot be trusted or
simply looking for new spamming methods. At the payment stage the identity of new users is verified,
and what is more – with reasonable pricing of the access to the service – this means that only those who
are really interested in selling or buying will decide to make a payment. All data added by the user is
then verified by the service editors to make sure that the information is correct.
The data taken by the service is strictly confidential and accessible only by registered users. No other
users will be allowed to access the private data of sellers and buyers.
EQUIP4SHIP guarantee that the email addresses of contact persons and VIP’s within the manufacturing
data will not be visible to anybody, even to registered users. The buyer can send an email to any person
you choose within the manufacturing departments but unless this person wishes to reply the prospective
buyer will have no access to his email.
The owner of Studio IT, Mrs. Margarita Huber (MSc. Eng.) has suggested that: “The internet with
Google could be said to be greater than the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World put together, but we
also have to keep in mind the fate of the Tower of Babel...”

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Country : Poland
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Phone : 48   914623414
Fax :48   914324431
Address :Szymonowica 20, 71-482 SZCZECIN, Poland

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