Fenghua Zhuoyue Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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Fenghua Zhuoyue Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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Company Name :Fenghua Zhuoyue Metal Products Co., Ltd.
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Fenghua Zhuoyue Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional French Fry Cutter manufacturers company manufacturing food machinery and components. 15 years of quality work, leading industrial competence and committed Zhuoyue people have resulted in Chinese competitive meat mincers, grinders, chopper knife blades and plates. 90% of our products are OEM made, exported to Europe, North America and the Middle East for major brands. The Meat Grinder Knives manufacturers materials include Stainless Acid Resistant Steel, Alloy Tool Steel and Plain Carbon Steel. Millions of knife blades and plates made by our CNC machine tools are working quietly and flawlessly.Zhuoyue is headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. We expect you, worldwide customers to contact us, visit us, and do business with us.

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Country : China
E-Mail : rachelli@chjiali.cn
Web : https://www.chinamincerknife.com/
Phone : 86   13805834365
Fax :86   15867814772
Address :No.238,Huimao Road,Jiangkou Street,Fenghua ,Ningbo City ,Zhejiang Provience ,China
Fenghua Zhuoyue Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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