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Since 1972, HF Jensen has been a leading developer and manufacturer of sensors, specializing in a diverse range of products tailored for harsh environments. Their extensive portfolio includes high-quality harsh environment sensors, such as differential pressure sensors, displacement sensors, water level sensors, marine sensors, and pressure sensors.

With a strong focus on innovation and reliability, HF Jensen has consistently delivered cutting-edge sensor solutions to meet the demanding requirements of various industries. Their robust and precise sensors have been essential in applications ranging from aerospace and automotive manufacturing to marine exploration and industrial processes.

Differential pressure sensors from HF Jensen provide accurate measurements in challenging conditions, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Displacement sensors offer precise tracking of movement and position, even in harsh operating environments, while water level sensors enable reliable monitoring of water resources and industrial processes.

HF Jensen has also developed sensors for the marine industry for more than 4 decades, and it develops and manufactures all sensors in Denmark, one of the world’s leading maritime shipping nations. HF Jensens in-house development and production enable full flexibility and allow the team to customize solutions to fit the exact needs of customers. Please visit us at and get in touch to learn more.

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Country : Denmark
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Phone :   +453-953-6040
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Address :Emdrupvej 70 2400 Copenhagen Denmark
HF Jensen

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