Hydro Works Muhendislik LTD.STI.

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Hydro Works Muhendislik LTD.STI.

Contact Name :Khadraa Toprak
Company Name :Hydro Works Muhendislik LTD.STI.
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In the world of Hydraulics, Dynamic, and Mechanic servicing, maintaining, and trading ... After 25 years of experience and dedicated work .... year after year We have refined our expertise and gathered in our foundation Gizem Muhendislik. After gaining more experience, and adding more services, we had our new name as HYDRO WORKS MUHENDISLIK LTD. STI. where it works beside Gizem Muhendislik.


Gizem Muhendislik was launched in 2009 and take in the industrial city of Gibtash in Istanbul/ Tuzla municipality as a place for it.

In 2019: due to the expansion of work and services, customers attending, frequenting, and increasing; due to Gizem Muhendislik’s distinctive services and works with accuracy, credibility, and efficiency in Hydraulic and Dynamic fields, the Firm had the new name HYDRO WORKS MUHENDISLIK LTD. STI. to provide more services to customers, and took in Gemdok industrial city as a place for it, where Gemdok SAN city locates in the ??Marmara sea Port, in Tuzla, 

Gizem Muhendislik got many years of experience in selling, finding, and creating solutions. Besides maintaining any part related to Hydraulic, Dynamic, and Mechanic units and their systems of engines, cylinders, pumps... etc.


And now HYDRO WORKS MUHENDISLIK LTD. STI. Sells and bringing original pieces from global markets to local and international firms, ships and equipment parts of trucks and trailers, and provides assistance and customer’s demands from local and international markets. As it serves in Hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical maintenance and repair. Besides, HYDRO WORKS Muhendislik LTD. STI. manufactures Pistons of all sizes, and Test water bag, as it does structural and special steel constructions. 


The staff of HYDRO WORKS Muhendislik LTD. STI. : our workers and employees who are specialized and dedicated to their work, working hard to satisfy their customers to the fullest.

Hydro Works Muhendislik and Gizem Muhendislik are working hard to find solutions. It is our duty for our valued customers. And this is what the years of work have shown.


Our dream is to be at the top of the world in our fields. And that is what leads us to do our job perfectly.

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Country : Turkey
E-Mail : sales@hydro-works.net
Web : www.hydro-works.net
Phone : +90   535 661 51 33
Fax :  
Address :Aydıntepe Mah. Güzin Sok. Gemdok Sanayi sitesi No:17 B Blok İç kapı NO: 10
Hydro Works Muhendislik LTD.STI.

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