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Contact Name :Daniel
Company Name :Invemar97
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Our company has more than 30 years experience selling and repairing the following items:

  1. High Pressure Pumps (Hawk Leuco, Hughes Pumps, Interpump, Catpumps, Pratisolli, Bertolini)
  2. Hig pressure groups (Pump, motor and every accesories needed)
  3. Generators
  4. Centrifuges (Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Veronesi)
  5. Electric motors (Tec Motors, Weg)
  6. Cleaning machinery (industrial and professional vacuum cleaners, sweepers, polishers, hot and cold water pressure washers and more)

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Country : Spain
E-Mail :
Web :
Phone : +34   986206442
Fax :+34   986204450
Address :Calle Tomás A. Alonso, 269 36208 Vigo (Pontevedra)

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