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Kachelmann Getriebe GmbH

Contact Name :Alexander Kachelmann
Company Name :Kachelmann Getriebe GmbH
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Kachelmann Getriebe GmbH

KACHELMANN is an engineering and production
company for gearboxes up to 20 tons.
Established in 1894 as a forge and a specialist
for cathedral clocks. The family owned company
is now in the fourth generation a well known
worldwide supplier of gearboxes.
The volume of technical know-how, developed
within 100 years of experience, ensures optimal
gear adjustment for our customers’ installations
in all industrial branches.
As family run business, Kachelmann invests
constantly in the further development of the
company and in the training of the employees.
We put special attention on the training of young
people and on the social responsibility connected
to this.
The continual passing on of skills and strong
performance in gearbox construction form the
basis of our company.
Highly motivated employees and lean management
ensure our customers reliable products
and best quality.
Our Product:
The gearboxes are perfectly fitted to the customers
installations for an optimal performance and
efficiency. A successful partnership from construction
to installation.
KACHELMANN – Your Partner for gearboxes
Gearboxes up to 20 t
• spur gearboxes
• bevel gearboxes
• planetary gearboxes
• worm gearboxes
• change speed gearboxes
• gearbox repair and overhaul
• worldwide service
• spur gears up to m = 45; Ø 4,000 mm
• bevel gears up to m = 21; Ø 800 mm
(also Klingelnberg-Zyklopalloid)
• worm gears up to m = 24; Ø 1,800 mm
• tooth racks up to m = 16

Kachelmann established since 1894
• Engineering
• Design
• Production
• Maintenance
• Developing special gearboxes and
gears for all industrial branches
Our customers:
more than 300,000 Kachelmann gearboxes
are running worldwide in all
industrial installations
• Steel industry
• Rolling mills
• Chemical industry
• Craneindustry
• Wind and water power industry
• Plastic industry
• Food industry
• Packing industry
• Automobile industry
• Mining industry
• Shipping industry
• Power plants (KTA)

Kachelmann Getriebe GmbH
Siemensstrasse 4

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Country : Germany
E-Mail : info@kachelmann.de
Web : www.kachelmann.de
Phone : +49   9543-84551
Fax :+49   9543845510
Address :Siemensstrasse 4, 96129 Strullendorf - Germany
Kachelmann Getriebe GmbHKachelmann Getriebe GmbH

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