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K.Y.Marine Engineering Ltd

Contact Name :Mr. R.S.Song
Company Name :K.Y.Marine Engineering Ltd
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We are much pleased to have opportunity to introduce our company to you.
We are manufacturer and exporter of marine engine parts for Japanese and Korean maker’s engine.
Since establishment in 1993, we have been specializing in the manufacturing and supply of ship’s spare parts for many years and gaining a high reputation for prompt, reliable services with very competitive prices with a good quality.

We established new factory for cylinder liner, cylinder head and pistons of marine engine and our major item is B&W MC engine cylinder liner.


Also we have trading relationship and extensive contacts with many manufacturers and agents in Korea, we can obtain any spare parts and ship’s general stores within the shortest time for your requirement.

A. Business Activities
1. Manufacture of marine engine cylinder liner,head and pistons.
2. Sales IME's engine valve and seats

3. Sales DW's main and crankpin metal bearings

4. Export and import of marine & other industrial equipment, spare parts
5. Stockiest of marine diesel engine parts ( OEM & replacement parts)

B. Available Engine models
1. Akasaka – A, AH, UET series
2. Daihatsu – DS, DL, DM, PS, PKT series
3. Hanshin – L, EL, LU, LUD, LUN, LUS series
4. Mitsubishi – UEC,UET series
5. Niigata – AX, BX, CX, EX, MG, M, NSD series
6. MAN B&W – L23/30, L28/32, S26MC. L35MC, 50MC, 60MC, 70MC,80MC,90MC,98MC
7. Yanmar – KL, KDL, KFL, AL, GL, UL, RL, ML, S, T, M series
8. Air Compressor-Matsubara, Tanabe, Yanmar, Hanshin.
9. Pumps-Taiko,Teikoku,Heishin,Naniwa,ShinShin etc.

10. Purifier-Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi-Samgong SJ series.


We are confident that it is worth enough for you try once and we hope you will give the opportunity to be of services to you.

Very truly yours

Best Regards

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Country : Korea, (South) Rep. of
E-Mail : kymarine@kornet.net
Web : http://www.kymarine.com
Phone : 82   51-463 9775
Fax :82   51-463 2322
Address :#302, Sewang bldg,137 Daegyo street,JungKu,Busan.Korea
K.Y.Marine Engineering Ltd

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