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Leumas Marine Services Limited

Contact Name :Samuel Anighoro
Company Name :Leumas Marine Services Limited
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- Cabin stores,

- Deck stores,

- Engine room stores,

- Food stuff at berth or at anchorage,

- We also supply Oxygen, Acetylene, Freon-22 and Freon-404 etc.



- Overhauling of Diesel engine and associated equipments.

- Overhauling of various pump and auxiliaries,

- Machining of bushing, shaft, sleeves, mount ring, valve quid etc.



- Rewinding of Electric motors,

- Rewinding of Transformers,

- Radio maintenance and installation,

- Radar and navigational aids repairs.

- Supply of Electrical spares.



Fabrication of steel structure such as barges, construction of high pressure pipe lines and various piping works, re-plating deck, shell internals, FPK APK, double bottom cofferdam etc.

We have all certificates to do any of the Class Surveyors work such as Certificate of plates, Electrodes and Welders.



Overhauling of Air conditioner and cold room compressors



We design and build low voltage switch- board distribution for marine, industrial and domestic projects throughout Nigeria. Each of our products is manufactured specifically according to our customer’s specification and we see that it meets International Electrical Council Standard (I.E.C.S).



- Supply, Refilling, Recharging and servicing of all type of portable and fixed fire extinguishers.

- Supply and Refilling of Breathing Apparatus namely Oxygen Cylinders and Medical Resuscitators.

- Supply and maintenance of complete fireman outfits and its accessories.

- Supply and maintenance of water Hoses, Nozzles and Couplings.

- Supply of Fire Blankets and sand boxes

- Supply, installation and maintenance of fire Alarm systems smokes Detectors, Smokes Masks and Escape sets.



- Life raft and Lifeboat

- Lifejacket and Light

- Lifebuoy and Light

- Life raft and Lifeboat equipment

- Pyrotechnic: Parachute Rocket, Hand flares, Orange smokes signals, Emergency Ration, Emergency Drinking Water etc.

- Rescue Boat

- First Aid Kits



- (V.C.U) Voltage control unit and (A.V.R) Automatic Voltage Control,

(Trouble Shooting of A.V.R)

- Circuit breakers (marine and industrial type),

- Electric motors,

- Electronic governor control,

- Gyro Compass

- Generating sets,

- Inter-comm. System and general alarm system,

- Manual Change-over (mechanically),

- Marine Industrial and domestic boilers electrical control,

- Network earthed system,

- PABX System,

- Power factor (bank),

- Safety System of generating sets,

- Ship main switch-board,

- Steering gear system electrical control,

- Radio maintenance and installation,

- Radar and navigational aids repairs.

- Alternators including extensive repairs and rewinding

We design various switch-board control panels for industries and marine in general, such as synchronizing of generators and power distributions for various controls starter panels.

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Country : Nigeria
E-Mail : info@leumasmarine.com
Web : www.leumasmarine.com
Phone : 234   07046047541
Fax :  
Address :Samuel Anighoro, Leumas Marine Services Ltd. 22, Alhaji Kareem Street, Olodi-Apapa, Lagos Nigeria.
Leumas Marine Services Limited

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