Lima New Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

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Lima New Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Contact Name :extrusionsb
Company Name :Lima New Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
Details :

Aluminum scaffolding tower

The company's processing equipment has machining centers, CNC lathes, automatic instrument vehicles, vertical vehicles, grinding machines, medium wire cutting, CNC shearing machines, CNC cutting machines and so on. At present, it involves the design and manufacture of electrical, gasification machinery, special clamping, processing, testing and other components; the design and processing of precision fixtures and non-standard gauges; the drawings and sample processing of precision components.

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Country : Greece
E-Mail :
Web : 0512-63937218
Phone : +86   0512-63937218
Fax :  
Address :Lin Hu Developed Area, Qi Du Town, Wu Jiang City, Jiang Su Province, P.R. CHINA.

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