LinHai Zhongtian Electronics Appliance Co., Ltd

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LinHai Zhongtian Electronics Appliance Co., Ltd

Contact Name :granulara
Company Name :LinHai Zhongtian Electronics Appliance Co., Ltd
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Solar LED light guide strip manufacturer

The main business of the company is development and manufacture related to outdoor leisure, smart home, automobile and motorcycle industries. There are more than 80 employees in company, including more than 20% of all kinds of technical profession-als. There are more than 30 patents valid currently filed and issued in China, the United States and the European Union, and more than 5 items are increasing each year. Therefor, the company has won the title of "small and medium-sized scientific and technolog ical enterprises in Zhejiang Province"in 2016, and further, the company passed the state-level "high-tech enterprises"expert review in 2018.

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Country : China
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Phone : +86   13736628886
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Address :Yangqinghe Road 168# Linhai City Taizhou City Zhejiang Province

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