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LTD Smela Foundry Plant

Contact Name :Antonina Rudnieva
Company Name :LTD Smela Foundry Plant
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Dear Sirs

LTD. "Smela foundry plant" is a new headily developing enterprise the basic task of it is: "Achievements of maximal quality of products for minimum terms". For the achievement of this task on an enterprise is used the equipment made on the newest technologies 2008 year, namely: - making of the model is produced from wood or plastic on high-fidelity 3th axial milling machine with programmatic management, that allows maximally to squeeze the terms of making of the model ; - melting of metal is produced in the hi-tech induction furnaces of 5М INDUCTION SYSTEMS(Turkey), that allow quickly melting, qualitatively to mix ferro-alloys(by frequency of 1000Hz) and get high-alloy, low-alloy, heatproof and wearproof steel and cast-iron; - melting of metal controlled chemical composition (by means of spectrometer of GNR, Italy) and temperature of liquid metal during inundation (by the device of Heraeus Electro - nite), that guarantees the receipt of founding with exact accordance of necessity to you chemical composition of good; - an inundation and forming of model are produced in cold-box process on the line of preparation of hardening mixtures of OMEGA company (England), that allows quickly and qualitatively to mix up and regenerate mixtures to their exact forms; - after a dressing-off in a special chamber, for the receipt of cleanness of surface, and heat treatment is produced (all possible processes to the temperature 1150°С) for the receipt of necessary mechanical properties of founding; Descriptions of founding are added to the quality certificate that is given out to the customer at shipping of products. Flexible price politics depends on an order, complication of founding, brand of material, urgency etc. Every order is counted individually. We constantly work on upgrading of the produced products for satisfaction of all necessities of customers. The level of technological development of enterprise allows to get founding from steel and cast-iron weighing to 2000 kg and aluminium weighing to 350 kg, with the parameters of founding to 3000х2000х1500 mm, wide spectrum from high-alloy and low-alloy, heatproof, wearproof steel and cast-iron on Your necessity. 


With kind regards,

Sales manager of LTD" Smela Foundery Plant"  Antonina Rudnieva       

Phone: +38 (095) 275 03 04            

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Country : Ukraine
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Phone : +38   095 275 03 04
Fax :+80   4733 2 09 42
Address :20700 Ukraine, Cherkaskiy region, Smela, 22 Kyivska str.
Other:Skype slz_slz

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