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Luoyang Wanheng Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1998, it specializes in manufacturing and supplying spare parts for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins and Detroit engine parts.
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The major models are


CATERPILLAR: 3304/3306 Chamber 8S3970
CATERPILLAR: 3406/3408/3412 Chamber 4N3714
CATERPILLAR: S6K/3066 Front Cylinder Head 1838171
CATERPILLAR: S6K/3066 Back Cylinder Head 1838174
CATERPILLAR: 3208 /3204 Cylinder Head 6I2378
CATERPILLAR: S6K/3066 Cylinder Head Front 5I7520
CATERPILLAR: S6K/3066 Cylinder Head Back 5I7521
CATERPILLAR: 3304PC Cylinder Head 8N1188
CATERPILLAR: 3304 Low Cylinder Head 7S7070
CATERPILLAR: 3304DI Cylinder Head 1N4304
CATERPILLAR: 3306PC Cylinder Head 8N1187
CATERPILLAR: 3306DI Cylinder Head 8N6796
CATERPILLAR: 3406DI Cylinder Head 110-5096
CATERPILLAR: 3406PC Cylinder Head 110-5097
CATERPILLAR: D342 /D8K Cylinder Head 8N6000
CATERPILLAR: D342/D8K Cylinder Head 8N6004
CATERPILLAR: 3408 Cylinder Head 7N0858
CATERPILLAR: 3408 Cylinder Head 7W2225
CATERPILLAR: 3412 Cylinder Head 7W2243
CATERPILLAR: 3412 Cylinder Head 7N0848
CATERPILLAR: C9 Cylinder Head
CATERPILLAR: C15 Cylinder Head
CATERPILLAR: C18 Cylinder Head
CATERPILLAR 3408A Cylinder Head 7N0858
CATERPILLAR 3408B Cylinder Head 7W2225
CATERPILLAR 3412 Cylinder Head 7W2243
CATERPILLAR 3412 Cylinder Head 7N0848
CATERPILLAR 3406E / C15 Cylinder Head 245-4324
CATERPILLAR C-9 Cylinder Head 201-2180
CATERPILLAR C9 Cylinder Head 332-3619
CATERPILLAR: 3304 Cylinder Block 1N3574 / 7N5454
CATERPILLAR: 3306 Cylinder Block 1N3576 / 4P0623
CATERPILLAR: Crankshaft 3116 / 3054 /3204/3066/3304/3306/3406/3408/D8K


CATERPILLAR 3304PC Cylinder Head 8N1188

CATERPILLAR 3304DI Cylinder Head 1N4304

CATERPILLAR 3306PC Cylinder Head 8N1187

CATERPILLAR 3306D1 Cylinder Head 8N6796

CATERPILLAR 3406PC Cylinder Head 110-5097

CATERPILLAR 3406DI Cylinder Head 110-5096

CATERPILLAR D342 D8K Cylinder Head 8N6000

CATERPILLAR D342 D8K Cylinder Head 8N6004

CATERPILLAR 3408A(PC) Cylinder Head 7N0858

CATERPILLAR 3408B(DI) Cylinder Head 7W2225

CATERPILLAR 3412DI Cylinder Head 7W2243

CATERPILLAR 3412(PC) Cylinder Head 7N0848

CATERPILLAR 3406E/C15 Cylinder Head 176-9918

CATERPILLAR C15Acert Cylinder Head 245-4324

CATERPILLAR C18 Cylinder Head 223-7263

CATERPILLAR C-9 Cylinder Head 311-7226

CATERPILLAR C9 Cylinder Head 312-4207

CATERPILLAR C12 Cylinder Head 148-2133

CATERPILLAR 3500 Cylinder Head 154-1612

CATERPILLAR C18 Cylinder Head 2237263

CATERPILLAR 3402 Cylinder Head 6I2378

CATERPILLAR S6K/3066 Cylinder Head Old Front 1838171

CATERPILLAR S6K/3066 Cylinder Head Old Back 1838174

CATERPILLAR 3304 Cylinder block 1N3574

CATERPILLAR 3306 Cylinder block 1N3576

CATERPILLAR 3066/S6K Cylinder block 2128566

CATERPILLAR 3116 Cylinder block

CATERPILLAR 3304 Crankshaft Forged 4N7692

CATERPILLAR 3306 Crankshaft Forged 2W7458

CATERPILLAR 3066 Crankshaft Forged 125-3005

CATERPILLAR 3204 Crankshaft Forged 1W9771

CATERPILLAR C15 Acert Crankshaft Forged 221-9360

CATERPILLAR C13 Crankshaft Forged 3124593

CATERPILLAR 3116 Crankshaft Forged

CATERPILLAR 3406 Crankshaft Forged

CATERPILLAR 3408 Crankshaft Forged

CATERPILLAR D8K Crankshaft Forged

CATERPILLAR 3054 Crankshaft Forged

KOMATSU 4D95 Cylinder block

KOMATSU 6D95 Cylinder block

KOMATSU 6D102 Cylinder block

CUMMINS 4BT3.9 Cylinder block

CUMMINS 6BT5.9 Cylinder block

CUMMINS 6CT8.3 single thermostat Cylinder block 3903920

CUMMINS 6CT8.3 double thermostat Cylinder block 3903797

CUMMINS ISDE-4CYLINDER Cylinder block 5274410

CUMMINS ISDE Cylinder block 4946586 / 4991099

CUMMINS ISLE Cylinder block 4946370/ 5260555

CUMMINS 4BT3.9 Cylinder head 3966448

CUMMINS A2300 Cylinder Head 4900995

CUMMINS ISF2.8 Cylinder Head 5257187

CUMMINS ISF3.8 Cylinder Head 5258274

CUMMINS ISDE4.5 Cylinder Head 4941495

CUMMINS 6BTA5.9 Cylinder head 3966454

CUMMINS 6CT8.3 Cylinder head 3973493

CUMMINS ISBE/QSB5.9L Cylinder Head 3943627

CUMMINS ISDE/QSB6. 7L Cylinder head 3977225

CUMMINS ISLE/QSB8.9L Cylinder head 4942138

CUMMINS NH220 Cylinder Head BM60971

CUMMINS N14 Cylinder Head 3076209

CUMMINS K19 Cylinder Head 3811985

CUMMINS ISX15 Cylinder head 4962732

CUMMINS KT1150 Cylinder Head 3021692

CUMMINS NT855 Cylinder head 3418678

KOMATSU 4D105 Cylinder Head 6135-12-1101

KOMATSU 6D155 Cylinder head 6128-11-1022

KOMATSU 6D170 Cylinder head 6162-13-1103

KOMATSU 6D110 Cylinder head 6138-12-1100

KOMATSU 6D105 Cylinder Head 6137-11-1012

KOMATSU 6D140 Cylinder Head 6211-12-1110

KOMATSU S6D125-1S Cylinder head 6151-11-1102

KOMATSU SA6D125E-2 Cylinder head 6151-12-1101

M.A.N D2538/2848 Cylinder head

M.A.N D2530 Cylinder head

M.A.N D2543/2842 Cylinder head

M.A.N D2566 Cylinder Head

M.A.N D2876 Cylinder Head

KUBOTA V1702 Cylinder Head 15422-03044

KUBOTA V1902 Cylinder Head 15476-03040

KUBOTA V2203A Cylinder head 16429-03040

KUBOTA V2203B Cylinder Head 1G780-03043

PERKINS MF240 Cylinder Head ZZ80082

PERKINS 3.152 Cylinder head ZZ80048

PERKINS 4.203 Cylinder Head ZZ80033

PERKINS 4.236 Cylinder Head ZZ80072

PERKINS 4.238 Cylinder head ZZ80054

PERKINS 4100 Cylinder Head

PERKINS 6100 Cylinder Head

MITSUBISHI 4M40 Cylinder Head

MITSUBISHI 4N41 Cylinder Head

MITSUBISHI 4D30 Cylinder Head

ISUZU 4JA1 Cylinder head

ISUZU 4JB1 Cylinder head

ISUZU 4BD1 Cylinder head

ISUZU 4JG2 Cylinder Head 8970863382

ISUZU 4HE1 Cylinder head

ISUZU 4HF1 Cylinder Head 8970331492

ISUZU 4HG1 Cylinder Head

ISUZU 4HK1 Cylinder head

ISUZU 6BD1 Cylinder Head

ISUZU 6BG1 Cylinder Head

ISUZU 6HK Cylinder Head

DETROIT 3-71, 6V71 Cylinder Head 5102769

DETROIT 6-71,12V71 CYLINDER HEAD 5102770

DETROIT 4-71, 8V71,16V71 CYLINDER HEAD 5102771



DETROIT 4-53, 8V53 CYINDER HEAD 5198202

DETROIT 3-53, 6V53 CYLINDER HEAD 5198203


HINO J08C Cylinder Head 11101E0541

HINO P11C Cylinder Head 8111014302

SCAN IA 112 Cylinder head 390667

SCAN IA 113 Cylinder Head 1337361

VOLVO TD60 Cylinder head

VOLVO TD100 Cylinder head

VOLVO TD101/102 Cylinder Head

VOLVO TD120/121 Cylinder Head

VOLVO TD122/123 Cylinder head

KOMATSU S6D95 Crankshaft Forged 6207-31-1100

KOMATSU S6D102 Crankshaft Forged 6735-01-1310

KOMATSU S6D105 Crankshaft Forged 6136-31-1010

KOMATSU S6D108 Crankshaft Forged 6222-31-1010

KOMATSU S6D110 Crankshaft Forged 6138-31-1101

KOMATSU S6D125 Crankshaft Forged 6151-31-1101

KOMATSU S6D140 Crankshaft Forged 6211-31-1110

KOMATSU S6D155 Crankshaft Forged 6127-31-1114

CATERPILLAR 3304/3306 Chamber 8S3970

CATERPILLAR 3406/3408/3412 Chamber 4N3714



Cylinder Heads,Belt Tightener,Blocks,Camshafts,Chambers,Cylinder Blocks,Connecting Rod Kits,Connecting Rods,Covers,Crankshaft,Dampers,Engine Bearings,Engine Belts,Flywheels,Inframe Overhaul Kit,Liners,Manifolds,Mufflers,Piston & Liner Kits,Piston Pins,Piston Rings,Pistons,Plate Thrust,Premium Overhaul Kits,Pulleys,Turbochargers & Cartridges,Valve Springs


Lights,Sensors,Batteries,Switches,Alternators,Starting Motors,Cables,Solenoids


Tubes,Gear Pumps,Vane Pumps,Pistons Pumps,Hydraulic valves,Hydraulic Cylinders,Hoses and Couplings


Fans,Radiators,Oil Coolers,Elbows,Thermostats,Conveyor,Radiator and Heater Hoses,Pipes




Idlers,Rollers,Sprockets,Links,Track Shoes,Wheels,Bogies,Springs,Swing Gears


Engine Kits,O-Ring Kits,Hydraulic Kits,Gasket,Seals,Head Kit,Lip Seals,Shimps


Strainers,Oil Filters,Air Filters,Fuel Filters,Seals,Water Filters,Pre-cleaners,Service indicators


Nozzles,Fuel lines,Priming Pumps,Fuel Pumps,Lines,Plunger & Barrels,Pre-Combustion Chambers


Actuators,Brake cylinder and camshafts,Discs and plates,Brake groups,Piston brakes,Drums,Cages, couplings,Brake pads,Tie Rods & Sockets


Axles,Yokes,Final drives,Differentials,Gear & Pinions,Universal joints,Torque converter


180 mm,230 mm,300 mm,320 mm,400 mm,450 mm


Ball Bearings,Roller Bearings,Sleeve Bearings,Needle Bearings,Spherical Bearing,Inner and Outer Races,Copper & Bronze Bearings


Pump gears,Pumps Metering,Oil pumps,Water pumps,Fuel pumps,Hydraulic pumps,Pumps Gp.Pistons,Barrels & Pistons




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Luoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,LtdLuoyang Wanheng Machinery Co.,Ltd

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