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The staff at Mares Shipping GmbH are your specialists when it comes to procuring spare parts for ships and industrial plants.

In a joint effort we will individually process each of your enquiries about spare parts from various groups and manufacturers and draw up the best possible offer for you. Our long years of experience do not stop us from striving for improvement every day. Only in this way can we offer you the necessary spare parts in their usual high quality at competitive prices.

Our flexible warehouse staff ensure that our spare parts reach you on time all over the world. Besides the global language of English we speak numerous other languages so that you can always contact us as an expert partner.

Together we have the courage to try out new ways as well and go beyond our limits every day. And our great team spirit is not a matter of chance. Every year MARES staff successfully participate in events such as the MOPO team relay race or the Cyclassics cycle race. They’re already training hard together weeks before the actual starting signal. Besides a healthy ambition this above all provides our staff with a great deal of fun. That’s why we describe ourselves as the MARES family, because only those who are happy in their work will also be motivated and alert.

Eckehardt Bauer, the founder of Mares Shipping GmbH, completed his shipping and ship broker training at the Horn-Linie shipping company in Hamburg. In 1965 he left Germany and worked for six years at the Peruvian shipping company Consorcio Naviera Peruano in Lima. Subsequently Eckehardt Bauer was the European representative of Consorcio Naviera Peruano for three years, based in Paris. In 1974 he then worked for the influential ship brokers Helmut Thimm in Hamburg. The history of MARES begins when in 1975 Eckehardt Bauer became autonomous with a shipping trade office. On 01/07/2019 Eckehardt Bauer withdrew from operating business and left Claus Witt in charge as sole managing director.

Claus Witt began his professional career in 1980 at MPC Münchmeyer, Petersen & Co., one of the leading international trading companies in Germany. From 1983 he worked for a shipping trade office located in Hamburg which specialised in the supply of spare parts and the equipment for ships. Armed with six years’ professional experience, Claus Witt then began his career at MARES in 1986. Seven years later in 1993, Claus Witt rose to the position of managing director.

Eckehardt Bauer founded Mares Shipping in 1975 in the Hamburg district of Harvestehude as the European general agency of the Peruvian shipping company Consorcio Naviera Peruano. At this time MARES was also acting as its exclusive broker for time and dry freight charters.

As MARES developed further in the following years and won increasing numbers of customers, the company expanded its range of services by the supply of spare parts and other items of equipment for ships. Claus Witt, who already had experience in the trade of spare parts for ships, joined the company in 1986 and seven years later became a partner in MARES.

The rapid growth of the company meant the company had to move out of the villa in the Alsterkamp at the end of the eighties. MARES moved into the Vorsetzen 50 office building with a view of the port of Hamburg. Since the sale of the shipping company Consorcio Naviera Peruano in 1992, MARES has concentrated on the sale of spare parts for ships.

Only a few hundred metres away from its former office MARES set up a new office in “Bei dem Neuen Krahn 2” in 1994, which offered sufficient space for the increased number of staff. Since 2009 the continuously expanding company has been located in the Boltenhof in Hamburg’s old town. Since then MARES has successfully extended its business over other sectors and supplies more than 800 customers in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The thoroughly attention we pay to the individual wishes and requirements of our customers is the key to our success.


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Phone : +   +49 40 374 784-0
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Address :Boltenhof, Mattentwiete 8 D-20457 Hamburg Germany

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