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Marine Corrosion Service LLC

Contact Name :Reeja Meng
Company Name :Marine Corrosion Service LLC
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MCS is a professional service & spares supply engineering company .establish in 2002, MCS offer service & spare parts for ICCP (Genuine) / MGPS (Genuine – OEM) / SED,  for all maker as CWC (Corrosion & Water Control Bv) ,Wilson Walton , Cathelco , ACG , Nippon , Capac , Jotun , Wilson Taylor , Morgan , KC,MME ect.


Spare part list:
1,  For ICCP system: Control power unit/Anode/Reference cell etc.
2 , For MGPS system: Control power unit/Al. /Fe and Cu anode etc.
3,  For shaft grounding device: Mv meter/Slip ring/brush holder/brush etc.
4,  Material: Epoxy filler ( IP EAA 820/821)/ Vaseline etc. 

5, Sacrificial Aluminum and Zinc Anodes


In case you have any inquiries regarding spare parts and services which belong in our principal’s range, we will be very glad to assist you.

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Country : China
E-Mail :
Web :
Phone : 86   13623351268
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Address :Rm J913, 1 floor, No.5358,Huyi road,Jia ding area,Shanghai.China
Marine Corrosion Service LLC

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