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Marine Craft

Contact Name :Mr Vimal Shah
Company Name :Marine Craft
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Dear Sirs,
We are pleased to inform you that Alfa Laval / APV / Gea / Sondex make PHEs and
Plates are available at our end for immediate sale, which can be make it available at
competative price.
Alfa Laval make
M30M         - 0.5 mm Thick Titanium     - 900 Nos.
AX 30 B       - 0.5 mm Thick  Titanium    - 450 Nos.
AX 30          - 0.6 mm Thick  Titanium    - 1350 Nos.
MX 25B      - 0.5 mm Thick  Titanium    - 450 Nos.
M20 M     M15M.     M15B,     M10M     M10B,     M6.         AM 20B    AM 20H
A20B      A20H        A15B        A15H        A10B      AM 10      AK 20       A 30       
P 252        P31         P32          P 26         P 36
APV make - M 92, J 92, M 107,  K 34, K 55, A 055
GEA - VT 80, VT 805, VT 40
The plates have been chemically cleaned and passed through DP test.
Each plate have been checked for deformation & found good for re-use.
Please feel free to contact us, in case you need any further details (like price / picture).
Thanking you and with warm regards.


Vimal Shah

Marine Craft (Exports)

Sahayog, 1st Floor, Kalanala,

Bhavnagar-364001. India.

Skype : alfaphe

Tele Fax: + 91 278 2423799

Mobile: + 91 9825206375





Note :  We also have wide range of Alfa Laval,  APV,  Gea,  Sondex, Pacilactherm,
            Swep etc make Plate Heat Exchangers as well.
Over and above, we also have following equipments in ready stock for sale.
Separators         Decanter               Heatpac (With Control)      Viscosity Controllers   
IMO Pumps        Moatti Filters       Fuel Booster Modules        Anchor / Chain
M/e. Spares       D. G. Sets             Air Compressors                  Turbocharges & spares
Winch/Cranes   Radars                  Gyro Compasses                 Original Genuine Spares
Alfa Laval make Fresh Water Generators in wide range. Fully refurbished & ready to use condition.


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Country : India
E-Mail :
Web :
Phone : 91   278 304773 / 2423799
Fax :91   278 2423799
Address :Sahayog, 1st Floor, Kalanala, Bhavnagar : 364001. India.

Skype : alfaphe

Mobile : + 91 - 982520 6375

Marine Craft

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