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KIND ATTN :- The Purchase / Vessel Machinery Spares & Requirements Department. DEAR SIR/MADAM. SUB :- FOR SALE ALL VESSEL MACHINERY MODAL/ TYPE AND SPARES PARTS WE HAVE AVAILABLE IN OUR STOCK DETAILS ARE AS FOLLOWING. We are one of the leading suppliers & exporters of used marine machinery in INDIA. We provide a great selection of new as well as second hand marine spares and equipments of all types . ABOUT, IN GUJARAT STATE OF OUR COMPANY NAME IS MARINEX MARINE SERVICES. established in the year 2004 AND THE OUR COMPANY IS WORLD CLASS LEVEL. We are pleased to introduce our Company as one of the Leading suppliers of ship machineries and spare parts exporters and stockist of NEW / second hand, good condition and re-useable Marine Machineries, spares and equipments all sourced from Demo ships These Machineries and Spares are procured from Indians Largest Ship Breaking Yard Alang and are committed to provide Best Quality of cost effective service provided in time. We are global supplier of all Kinds of NEW and Pre-Owned (USED & Second HAND) Marine Equipments, Machinery Parts, and Spares. for the following engines and are ready for dispatch as per your requirement at very attractive prices . Major spare part s :- ( New /2nd hand/recondition ) Cylinder Liner Nozzles Valve Spindle Piston Crown Indicator Valves Stuffing Box Piston Skirts Cylinder Cover Valve Seat High Pressure Pipes Piston Rings Assembly & Measure Tool Fuel Oil Pump Water Guide Jacket Gaskets and Seals Main/Engines SULZER M/E MAN B&W M/E PIELSTICK M/E WARTSILA OTHER ENGINES Aux/E DAIHATSU A/E MAN B&W A/E YANMAR A/E WARTSILA TURBO CHARGER OIL PURIFIERS AIR COMPRESSOR FRESH WATER GENERATOR PUMPS AND VALVES E/R EQUIPMENT DECK EQUIPMENT HATCH COVERANCHOR CHAIN Governor Woodward Series, Zexel Series , Air cooler for Air condenser Heat exchanger, Electrical Heater. Main engines / AUXiliary engines SPARE PARTS AND Complete unit is available. Provision compressor and air conditioner compressor (Daikin, Carrier, York. Complete and Spare Parts) ( 1 ) Product Name: M/E - SULZER SERIES : - RT Series:RTA38,RTA48(T),RTA48TB.RTA52,RTA58,RTA62(U), RTA72(U), RTA76, RTA84, RTA84C , RTA84M. RL Series : RL56, RL66, RL76, RL90 RD Series : RD68 , RD76 , RD90 RND Series : RND68(M), RND76(M), RND90(M) . SPARE PARTS AND Complete unit is available . Product Name: M/E MAN B&W SERIES: - MC Series: S26MC, S35MC, S42MC,S46MC-C, S50MC, S50MC-C,S60MC, S70MC, S80MC, L35MC, L42MC, L50MC, L60MC, L70MC, L80MC(E), K45GF, K67GF,K62EF, K74EF,K80GF, K84EF,K90GF. L55GF(CA), L55GB, L67GF,L67GFCA,L80GF(CA),L80GBE,L90GBE. 50VTBF, 74VTBF, 84VTBF. SPARE PARTS AND Complete unit is available. Product Model : - AUX ENGINES . MAN B&W L23/30, L23/30H, L20/27,L21/31,L28/32,L28/32H,L28/32A, L27/28, T23LH-4, T23LH-2 WARTSILA : 624TS, 824TS, L20,R32, R22 YANMAR - KL,KFL,AL,RAL,HAL,GHL,KHL,LA,MAL,ML,UL,S165,S185,RL,GL,ZL,M200L,M220,T220,T240,T260,Z280. DAIHATSU : DL20, DL22,DL24, DL26, DL28, DS18, DS22, DS28, DS32 ,PS22,PS26(D),PS26H, DK20, DK28, DK32 SKL VEB :- TYPE FOLLOWING:- 8 ZD 78/48 AL-1, K 6 Z 57/80F, 8 ZD 72/48 AL-1, 8 ZD 72/48 AL-2, K 9 Z 60/105 E, 8 NVD 48 A-2, NVD 48 A , 6 VDS 48/42 AL-2,12 VD 48/42, 8 NVD 48 A-2U, 6 NVD 48 A-2 U 8 VDS 24/24 AL-1,8 NVDS 48 A-3 U,6 NVD 36, 8 NVD 36-1 U, 8 NVD 36-A1,6 NVD 26 A-2, 6 NVD 26 A-3, 8 NVDS 48 A-2,8 VDS 24/24 AL-1,8 NVDS 48 A-3 U,6 NVD 36, 8 NVD 36-1 U, 8 NVD 36-A1,6 NVD 26 A-2, 6 NVD 26 A-3, 8 NVDS 48 A-2, SKL 6VD 26/20 AL-2, SKL 6VD 26/20 AL-1 , Product Name: M/E PIELSTICK SERIES : - PC2-5L/V,PC26L/V,PC4V/2B,PA6,PC3. Product Name : - TURBOCHARGER : - VTR / SERIES : - VTR160,VTR161,VTR200,VTR201,VTR250,VTR251,VTR320,VTR321,VTR400,VTR401,VTR500,VTR501,VTR630 VTR "4" SERIES :- VTR214, VTR254-11, VTR304-32, VTR354-11, VTR354-32, VTR454-11, VTR454-32, VTR564-11, VTR564-32 AND VTC SERIES TPL SERIES. SPARE PARTS AND Complete unit is available. Mitsubishi MET SERIES : - MET30SR, MET33SB, MET33SC, MET33SD, MET35, MET350, MET35SB, MET42SB, MET42SC, MET450, MET45S, MET53SB MET53SC, MET560, MET56S, MET56SB, MET66SB, MET66SC, MET71SB MAN NA,NR SERIES:- NA34,NA40,NA40S,NA48,NA48S,NA57,NA70,NR15/R,NR15/R151,NR15/R175,NR15/R180, NR15/R184, NR15/R185, NR15/R216, NR20, NR20/15, NR20/29, NR20/410, NR20/411, NR20/82, NR20/85, NR20/86, NR20/R, NR20/R142, NR20/R149, NR20/R169, NR20/R170, NR20/R173 , NR24/R, NR26/R, NR34/R NAPIR SERIES : - NHP20, NHP25A, NHP35A , SPARE PARTS AND Complete unit is available. FRESH WATER GENERATOR : - ALFA LAVAL FRESH WATER GENERATOR : JWP26 Series, JWP36 Series. ATLAS : -AFGU Series . SPARE PARTS AND Complete unit is available . PURIFIERS SERIES : ALFA-LAVAL :- MOPX-309,210,209,207,205,204, MAPX-309,207,205,204, MAB206,205,204,104, FOPX-609 WHPX-508. . SPARE PARTS AND Complete unit is available. MITSUBISHI :- SJ8000 SJ6000 SJ4000 SJ3000 SJ2000 SJ700 SJ20T SJ16T SJ15T SJ11T SJ10T DH-100 DH-500 WESTFALIA :- OSA-02-07-066?OSA-02-20-066?OSA-3016. AIR COMPRESSOR :- TANABE :- HC64, HC65, HC65A, HC264, HC265, HC275, HC277 SHC-295D YANMAR : - SC5N, SC7N, SC10N, SC12.5N, SC15N, SC20N, SC30N, SC40N SC 50N,SC 60N HAMWORHTY : - 2SF42, 2TF5, 2TF54, 2TM6, 2TM61, 2TM63, 2TM68 HATALAPA : - W80, W110, W140, W220, W280, W330 SPERRE : - HV1/140, HV1/156, HV2/200, SPARE PARTS AND Complete unit is available . Complete unit and SPARES AVAILABLE FOR FOLLOWING PUMP : - TAIKO, HEISHIN, NANIWA, TEIJOJU, SHINSHINE, SHINKOKINZOKU... ALL japan MADE IN PUMPS AND MOTOR. Deck Equipment : - Also we can do the services of the Hydraulic equipment maintenances and repair . supply the spare parts of Hydraulic Motor, Hydraulic Pump ( New /2nd hand/recondition) etc . Life-Saving Equipments / AND Anchor, Anchor Chain, Anchor Shackles. Delivery place : - EX-STOCK OUR WAREHOUSE from India Largest Ship Breaking Yard Alang. Payment terms : - (1) T/T in advance 55 % (2). L/C at sight from a first class international bank (to be discussed) Condition : - used and Good working condition Awaiting your reply ...

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Country : India
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Phone : 91   9724235487
Fax :91   2782939386
Address :swastik park B/134 Bhavnagar - Gujarat.

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