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Master Packing Co.,Ltd.

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Company Name :Master Packing Co.,Ltd.
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Filling Machine Manufacturer

  Because of Advanced CNC machinery,5 axis drilling machine, Lathe, a group of more than 15 years experienced engineers.

  Our products sell well in various cities both at home and abroad. The quality of our Filling Machine has won favorably comments from customers of all circles,And strong after-sales service, making it your ideal choice for the production of Filling Machine.

  Packing Machine Manufacturer

  Equipment constantly updated development, has brought people more lunch, especially Labeling Machine equipment widely used brought higher power for the user. The user in the acquisition of the labeling equipment, typically involving its quality problems, including questions about the accuracy of it, and users as more of a problem, so how about the precision of the labeling machine equipment defined?

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Country : China
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Phone : 86   13958887338
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Address :Dongwu Town Yinzhou Ningbo Zhejiang China
Master Packing Co.,Ltd.Master Packing Co.,Ltd.

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