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MBM Engineering Services also started supplies of proprietary items to our clients for genuine and branded items being familiar with engineering needs by having a team of specialists and consultants. MBM also provides best possible and compatible solution of your needs, if the actual is not available due to obsolete version of the machinery. Some of our specialized fields are described below as immediate reference other than routine manufacturing facilities with us. 

1. In-Situ Crankshafts Grinding: Crankpin or Main journal without dismantling from the engine grinding etc. 

2. In-situ Main Line boring: Without shifting on site Main Line Engine Block, Sugar Mill roll, cement mill roll, Compressor, Casting All type of machining body etc. 

3. Metal Stitching: Metal Lock Cold Method, Engine block flam, cylinder Head and cement mill grinding kiln tyre. All type Crack Parts Broken or weakened body and Cement industries Rehabilitation / Repair of 01 quantity Worn out Tyre of Kiln at old line. 

4. Metal Spray: Ceramic, stainless steel, Aluminums, low and high carbon steel, Molybediem, Copper, etc. 

5. Hydraulic Jack: pumping unit 400 tons to 900 tons: We specialize in reliable and technologically superior Hydraulic Jacks in conformation to international quality standards. 

6. Hard chrome Plating: Hydraulic Ram shaft, Turbine, piston Rod, Pump shaft, Piston Ring, Die etc. 

7. All kind of Fabrications: Industrial project erection installation and commissioning we have regularly been in the process of updating the ourselves accordingly to the development of the modern technology. You will find our services at rates and to your full satisfaction. We hope that you will fully observe our application for the registration of the firm and will accept it. 

8. Motor Rotors Balancing. Turbine shaft, Electric Rotor shaft, Bolt with nut, Pump shaft, 

9. CIVIL ENGINEERING : MBM is focused on building and maintaining quality infrastructure for everyday life. The company perfectly understands client needs and priorities, holds an inclined reputation in developing and delivering exactly what and when we promise. 

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Country : Pakistan
E-Mail : mbm.nadeem@gmail.com
Web : nil
Phone :   923072045648
Fax :   923072045648

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