M/S Shova Enterprise Ltd

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M/S Shova Enterprise Ltd

Contact Name :Z HASSAN
Company Name :M/S Shova Enterprise Ltd
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we are in business over 30 years, having retail outlet in famous machinery market in the capital.

# we import  machinery and spare parts for following industry:

1. defence

2. power plants

3. process plants

4. fertilizer factories

5. aviation

and etc.

# Sourcing mainly from Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic,  PRC and etc.

# We are always looking for new source of supplies to satisfy our customers requirement, so please offer your products and services as per our above mentioned scope of work.

Thanking you and looking forward to your kind patronage.


Z Hassan

For and on behalf of

M/S Shova Enterprise Ltd.


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Country : Bangladesh
E-Mail : shova.impex@gmail.com
Web :
Phone : 8800   0000000000
Fax :88000   0000000000
Address :Dhaka 1100 Bangladesh

skype : shova.impex1


M/S Shova Enterprise Ltd

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