NWCE Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.

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NWCE Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.

Contact Name :Shambhu Kumar Thapa
Company Name :NWCE Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.
Details :

We are a trade, business and project consulting agency in Nepal with associates in India and China


Our primary activities are to clsoely work with seller and buyer of power plant and provide consulting services to clients in this sector.

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Country : Nepal
E-Mail : nwcepvtltd@gmail.com
Web : www.nwce.bloombiz.com
Phone : 977   9813064562
Fax :977   1469630
Address :Mid-Baneshwor Height-10, Kathmandu, Nepal

skype: nwcepvt


Email: nwce@ntc.net.np

NWCE Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.

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