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Peters Schiffbau GmbH - Newbuildings - Repair/Conversion - Steelwork

Contact Name :Peters Schiffbau GmbH
Company Name :Peters Schiffbau GmbH - Newbuildings - Repair/Conversion - Steelwork
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During the last 130 years 670 newbuildings have been constructed on our yard. Within the last few years Peters Schiffbau GmbH concentrated on constructing container vessels, general-purpose cargo vessels, passenger ships, ocean tugs and suction dredgers. Our plant allows the construction of newbuildings up to a length of 135 m and a breadth of 21.70 m.

Being a modern and innovative shipyard, Peters Schiffbau GmbH is always aiming at finding individual solutions for the various customers' demands. Our management is working according to the certifications DIN ISO 9001 concerning quality and DIN ISO 14001 concerning environment. Our aim is to fulfill the expectations of our clientele, and in a relationship of personal trust the ship owner, the captain and the inspector are allowed to watch any work done for them. A harmonious co-operation without unnecessary long ways on our yard guarantees the direct and unbureaucratic realization of the ship owners' demands.

The Slipways
For prompt repair work at a low price Peters Schiffbau GmbH offers shipowners three slipways. Due to the high flexibility of our working teams it is possible to offer a 24-hours-service for the slipping and docking of vessels.
For ships of:
slipway 1 length: 75 m, breadth: 12 m, 1.100 tdw
slipway 2 length: 65 m, breadth: 10 m, 750 tdw
slipway 3 length: 100 m, breadth: 16 m, 3.000 tdw

The Docks
Two drydocks are available for ship repairs and conversions. Based on our crane capacities, our highly skilled workers and our well equipped workshops we are able to guarantee delivery on schedule.
For ships of:
Dock 1 lenght: 135 m, breadth: 20 m, depth of ship: 5.00 m., 12.000 tdw
Dock 2 lenght: 110 m, breadth: 20 m, depth of ship: 5.00 m., 10.000 tdw

  Logistic/Transport Solutions
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Country : Germany
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Phone : 49   04829 71-0
Fax :49   04829 71290
Address :Peters Schiffbau GmbHAm Hafen 625599 Wewelsfleth, GermanyContact: Sales Department

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