Primorska Antrepozitna Targovia LTD

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Primorska Antrepozitna Targovia LTD

Contact Name :Plamen Hristov
Company Name :Primorska Antrepozitna Targovia LTD
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PAT LTD is a Bulgarian private company established in the middle of 1993 and dealing  mainly in marine field  as ship spares supplier, storrage of MAN B&W engine spares, manufactured by Bryansk Engineering Works (BMZ) - Bryansk, Russia.

The spares, goods and materials we store in our own warehouse.

From the begining of  1999 our company is in possession of licence for entrepot warehouse. 

The area of our  warehouse is 720 sq.m., height 7,00m., and el.krane 32 Kn. is available for  inside handling.The  surrounding empty  piece of land is about 9000 sq.m. and we have prepared it  for  empty container storage, cleaning, washing and small repairs of them. 

In our stock spares for S26MC, L35MC, S35MC, L42MC, 50VT2BF, L67GFCA, K67EF, K74EF, K45EF, S50MC-C, L60MC main engines are available at the moment on very attractive prices. All of them are manufactured by BMZ - Russia under licence of MAN -B&W. 



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Country : Bulgaria
E-Mail :
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Phone : +359   52510463
Fax :+359   52712570
Address :Varna 9023, bul.K. i Fruzin p.11
Primorska Antrepozitna Targovia LTD

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