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Qingdao Liangang Rubber Container Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Contact Name :sandy
Company Name :Qingdao Liangang Rubber Container Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
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QingdaoLiangang is  focused on the quality of the penumatic rubber fenders. Our pneumatic fenders are manufactured in accordance with ISO 17357:2002 and ISO 9001 with 0.5kg/cm2 and 0.8kg/cm2 internal. And our pneumatic fenders delivered by specifically cord layer, flange and ulterior air valve technology, which make the marine fenders are more excellent performance. The care fully crafted high abrasion resistant external layer prevents atmospheric aging and Nylon tyre cord layers ensure high mechanical strength under heavy compression. Internal rubber layers ensure a positive seal to maintain the desired internal pressure. The latest moulding technology, a combination of heat, pressure and compression moulding and accurate process parameters makes our pneumatic fender extremely reliable and ensure a trouble free long life. We have invested in the most modern testing equipment in order to meet customer demand for high quality. 

Email: sandy@qingdaolg.com

Tel/Whatsapp: 8618561375951

Skype: qdliangang


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Country : China
E-Mail : sandy@qingdaolg.com
Web : www.qingdaolg.com
Phone : 86   18561375951
Fax :  
Address :Guanzhuang Dongjie Village, Jinkou Town, Jimo City, Qingdao, China
Other:Skype: qdliangang
Qingdao Liangang Rubber Container Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

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