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Rehder Engine Repairs GmbH

Contact Name :Mr. Philipp Rehder
Company Name :Rehder Engine Repairs GmbH
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Rehder Engine Reapairs GmbH
Hoebelstrasse 55
D-27572 Bremerhaven

R.E.R. will be on your side as a fair, professional, competent and reliable partner in regard
to all kinds of Diesel Engine Repairs nation, europe and worldwide incl. voyage repairs.
Reconditioning of all kinds of engine components such as cylinder covers, cylinder liners,
fuel equipment etc. will be performed throughout R.E.R. and partner’s.

Laser / digital alignment checks, correction of alignments incl. resin foundation fitting is not new to us and we are able to perform such work with approved EPOCAST personal including materials at all times.

R.E.R. can arrange for all kinds of spare parts required for engine, components repairs or overhauls such as Genuine Spare Parts or OEM spare parts.

R.E.R. assist you on 2-4stroke Diesel Engine Service, overhauls on 24/7 base.

Rehder Engine Repairs GmbH will have a new pier with max. draft 6,5mtrs. available for you and your vessels. Own cranage at quay side, workshop, office facility as well as site office during repairs next to the pier is available.

General ship repairs, deck repairs, pipe repairs incl. 3D scanning, repairs to electrical equipment can be performed throughout R.E.R. and partners.

Please give a try or let’s meet for a short personal introduction at your premises.

Down below you will find a short overview of our company activities:


Diesel engines:


ABC Diesel:        Factory trained and well experienced staff

Deutz:                  Service Engineers from Spatz & Heitmüller, Bremen employed incl. special training

                               with Bosch / fuel pumps etc.

Volvo Penta:     Service Engineer from Volvo Penta, Germany

M.A.N:                 Factory trained staff, 58/64, 48/60, 40/54, 28/32, 23/30, 20/27, 2866 / 2876 / 2840 /

                               2842LE types

B&W:                   Very experienced factory trained technician in regard to L/S-MC – ME 2stroke engines, especially 35/42/46/50 etc. engines. Pneumatic system troubleshooter available.

Daihatsu:           Well experienced staff

Yanmar:              Factory trained staff

Sulzer:                  Well experienced staff, 2 & 4stroke

Mak:                     Very well experienced staff over entire range, new engines as well as old engines

                               such M551 / 552 / 331 etc.

Scania / SISU:   Factory trained staff

MHI:                     Factory trained staff for UE-engines

CAT:                      Well experienced staff, 3306, 3508 etc.

Pielstick:             Well experienced staff, PC2.3.4-5, PC4


Components:    For cylinder covers, liners, pistons we are giving fix prices for standard overhaul

                               including parts upon request. Projects, repairs are usually quoted by fix prices. S/E,

                               staff will be quoted usually depending on job scope by daily rates from Monday to



Newest machines, such as Chris Marine, Hunger, ITH, GERUS hydraulic pumps are available.

Spare parts and Service: It is self-evident for us to arrange for packages, service incl. spare parts such as OEM or genuine spare parts or vis-versa.

Turbo chargers: Depending on types, sizes, parts and service available

OWN PIER:                                     NEW refurbished own, private ISPS pier incl. 5to. stationary shore crane incl. shore connection, water etc.


                                                           FREE OF CHARGE FOR YOU IF WE WORK ON YOUR VESSEL(S)

As you can see, we are covering the whole range of services required on your entire fleet, i.e. ocean going ships.

We would be glad to assist you in the future in way of partner and friendship, please give us the chance by sending us your request or your job order and will give a try


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / with best regards

Philipp Rehder



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Address :Hoebelstrasse 55 D-27572 Bremerhaven Germany
Rehder Engine Repairs GmbH

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