Shanghai Qing Hang Air-filmed Resistance-reduced Ship Co.,Ltd

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Shanghai Qing Hang Air-filmed Resistance-reduced Ship Co.,Ltd

Contact Name :Cai jinqi
Company Name :Shanghai Qing Hang Air-filmed Resistance-reduced Ship Co.,Ltd
Details :

      Shanghai Qinghang Air-filmed Resistance-reduced Ship Co., Ltd  is established by professor and  inventor  Cai Jinqi who graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University major ship designing and building .  

   The air film energy-saving device system of ship is patented and is one of Shanghai government’s high-tech transforming projects.Our technology can form a thin layer of air film at ship bottom to reduce resistance and reduce CO2 emissionIt. It can reduces total area that ship contacts water by 25-50%,The tests and applications show that it can help transportation ship and high speed ship to save about 10-20% total energy.

    Our company aims to develop our air film energy-saving technology of ship through provide our technology and train,  provide design air film energy-saving ship and high-speed ship, design  and  provide air film energy-saving device system.

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Country : China
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Phone : 0086   21-58888648
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Address :Rom 7B (702) No.19 Xiang Cheng Rd. Pu Dong, Shanghai, China

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