SINATrader Export Import Agent

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SINATrader Export Import Agent

Contact Name :Anderson Sina
Company Name :SINATrader Export Import Agent
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Dear Sir. 

We are SINATRADER, a brazilian export import & shipping broker agent. Stablished in Sao Paulo city, working on international business for sales and purchase products, brazilian products and chinese siderurgic products. and second core is shipping broker, cargos to from South America. 


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Country : Brazil
E-Mail :
Web :
Phone : 55   11982901303
Fax :55   1125032059
Address :Celina st, 285 cj 1, ZIP 03646060, Sao Paulo, SP Brazil.

Skype: sinatrader

Twitter: @sinatrader


SINATrader Export Import AgentSINATrader Export Import AgentSINATrader Export Import AgentSINATrader Export Import Agent

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