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Quick Comparison of Tibial Fractures Treatment

As the leading orthopedic implants suppliers in the world, we regularly perform the analysis of ortho surgical implants instruments.  Here, we give you a quick comparison of tibial fractures treatment in various cases. 

Our best orthopedic implants specialist stated that the similarity between the composition of the various groups and the analysis obtained from the treatment of diaphyseal tibia fractures treated with a below-the-knee functional cast, custom plastic braces, and prefabricated braces was remarkable. Although the numbers of patients in each series varied yet the range of age, shortening, and percentage of non-unions was comparable. 

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The analysis was as follows. The standard time to brace or cast removal was more for the prefabricated series, but this simply is the result of the emergency on the part of the patient to have the devices removed quickly. The prefabricated braces can be easily removed by the patient for different reasons like hygienic purposes, or they can be adjusted to aid fitting and provide comfort. Also, they are tolerated better by the patients than the non-removable cast for custom braces. 

“Regardless of the fracture level or type, the concluding angulation was very similar between the series of patients treated with either custom or prefabricated braces” quotes our orthopedic instruments expert.

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