Weng's Huajian Co., Ltd.

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Weng's Huajian Co., Ltd.

Contact Name :hjplastics
Company Name :Weng's Huajian Co., Ltd.
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As a famous China plastic valves Manufacturers and China plastic Pipe suppliers, Founded in 2003, WENG'S HUAJIAN CO., LTD ( named Weng's plastic before) is a professional enterprise engaged in C-PVC, U-PVC.PE Pipe fittings, valves production, cpvc pipe and mould research&development. With an area of 51000 square meters,the headquarter is located in Jiaojiang Taizhou Zhejiang Province.

ADD: Jiaojiang,Taizhou,Zhejiang Province

Tel: +86-576-89039803

Fax: +86-576-89039806

E-mail: sales@wshj-plastic.com

URL: www.hjplastics.com

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Country : China
E-Mail : sales@wshj-plastic.com
Web : https://www.hjplastics.com/
Phone : 86   57689039803
Fax :86   57689039806
Address :Jiaojiang,Taizhou,Zhejiang Province
Weng's Huajian Co., Ltd.

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