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Zava Marine Corporation

Contact Name :Jun Wang
Company Name :Zava Marine Corporation
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Zava Marine Corporation, established in 2022, is a leading provider of vessel design and construction services for the maritime industry. Our extensive range of offerings includes high-quality deck equipment, offshore drilling platform gear, and lifeboats. We specialize in meeting the requirements of fishing vessels, container ships, oil tankers, and offshore platforms, ensuring their reliable and efficient operations. With a strong commitment to excellence, our experienced team delivers top-notch products and services that cater to the diverse needs of the industry. By combining reliability and innovation, we play a vital role in facilitating smooth and successful maritime operations for our valued clients.

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Country : United States
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Phone :   +1 (626) 252-1972
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Address :831 S Lemon Ave A11E, Diamond Bar, CA 91789
Zava Marine Corporation

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