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Date: 17.01.2014 14:16:52

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Waukesha Enginator

Model: 8L-AT27GL
Quantity: Two
Speed: 900 rpm
Rating: 1400 kW
Application: Continuous

Type: Synchronous, kVA: 1750 kV.A, Voltage: 12470/7200 V,  Power Factor: 0.8 lag, Phase: 3Current: 81 A
Frequency: 60 Hz
Phase Rotation:  T1-T2-T3
Type of Control: By Others
Fuel: Digester Gas
Saturated Low Heat Value: See SAA
Pressure: 45-60 psig at Unit Connection Point
Consumption:  See SAA
Cooling System:
Jacket Circuit:
Type: Connections for Cooling
Heat Rejection: See SAA
Temperature: Maximum: 250̊ F out of Engine
Pressure: Maximum: 22 psig at Inlet of Pump,  Minimum: 16 psig Net Positive Suction Head
Flow: Flow at maximum restriction beyond engine: 289 gpm
Maximum Restriction beyond engine: 20.3 psi

Auxiliary Circuit:
Type: Connections for remote Cooling
Heat Rejection: See SAA- Combine Lube Oil and Intercooler Heat Rejection Data.
Temperature: Maximum: 90̊ F to Pump
Pressure: Maximum: 22 psig at Inlet of Pump, Minimum: 2 psig Net Positive Suction Head
Flow: Flow at Maximum Restriction beyond Engine: 225 gpm
Maximum restriction beyond Engine: 26.6 psi

Exhaust System: Temperature: See SAA, Flow: See SAA
Pressure: Minimum: 125 psig, Maximum: 150 psi
Flow: 1600 scf per Six Second Start (typical), at 70̊ F

Purchased 1998

Located CA. USA

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