Subject: CONTAINERIZED Gea Westfalia OCD 305 Decanter & WSE 50 Separator System

Date: 2/2/2022 11:35:43 PM

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Dear Customers ,

We've in our stock ;

Fully-isolated & containerized GEA Systems.


First one ;

Gea Westfalia OCD 305-00-02 Decanter

Max bowl speed 4500 RPM- 3400 G's,- 300 x 1200mm bowl ID; 11.8 x 47.2", rated @ 25 GPM, gravity discharge design, - 4" single lead hardsurfaced conveyor, - 15 KW motor 220/380/3/50/60, gearbox, 2.2 KW backdrive, guards, feed tube and chutes on integrated stand. 

2014 Built Year - 570Hrs Worked.


Second One ;

Gea Westfalia WSE 50-01-037  - AKA BilgeMaster-E 5000 Cleandesign


Max bowl speed 8000 RPM, rated @ 21,000 LPH, oil/water discharged under pressure, 18.5 KW motor 380/460/3/50/60, heat exchanger, pumps, piping, tools and controls.  

2014 Built Year - 570 Hrs Worked.

Excellent Conditions for both systems.  The entire system, including the control panels, is ready for use.


For more information , photos and details please do not hesitate to contact us.

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