Subject: CrankShaft 110030 for Wartsia 12V22B

Date: 20.01.2015 12:58:53

Details: Reviews 2

Please, make quotation for the following:

CrankShaft 110030 for engine Wartsila 12V22B (№1816) - NEW or Reconditioned with Certificate and Measurement report.

Send offer,  photos and scanned docs with your offer together to

We are not interested in CrankShaft that is NOT recondiotioned (otherwise it is NEW).

Please, do not spam!!!


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Maxim Erykalov
30.01.2015 09:27:01 Gibrfltar

All memessages to be sent at our email box:

Mr. B r Giri
30.01.2015 08:44:28 India

KATTN: PURCHASE/ TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT Dear sir We are an independent company based in Mumbai – INDIA , engaged in supply of the various types of Maine engine , Turbocharger ,hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Motor, compressors, ETC We have Wartsila 12V22 complete engine available in our stock for sale: Please advise your interest. We await your valued enquiry, in order to submit our best offer thanks & Best regards Giri


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