Double-Hull Sea-Going Tanker for Sale at a Discounted Price

Subject: Double-Hull Sea-Going Tanker for Sale at a Discounted Price

Date: 3/15/2023 5:53:23 PM

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The ship is presently functioning as a carrier for tar-coal tar pitch and the charter is set to expire by the end of April, leading to postponement in early May 2023. Despite being a vintage vessel that requires a new class, we can assist with extending the classification, and we can confirm that the ship is in good condition.

  • Type: Chemical tanker
  • Year of construction: 1973, Hamburg – Germany
  • Dimensions: 82.80 m x 11.80 m
  • Tonnage: 2078 dwt on abt 4.76 m
  • GT: 1859 / LDT: 1416
  • Class: DNV GL 1A   Ice-1b tanker for chemicals flashpoint above 60c
  • Last drydocking Tallin November, 2020. - SS due 30.6.2023.
  • Hull: Double Hull
  • 4 cargo tanks - total 1452 m3 - tanks not coated
  • Thermal tank heating system - Heating upto 240 degr C
  • Main engine : MaK 323 1000 kw about 9,5 knots - running on mgo - TIER 1
  • Pumps: 2 twin screw Borneman cargo - 2 centrifugal ballast pumps.
  • Aux engines: 1x55 kw + 1x82 kw + 1x163 kw. (2xDeutz + 1xCummins)
  • Complete navigation
  • Price: $625,000 USD
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David Jurecka
2/4/2024 12:59:27 PM Mexico

Hello Sir/Ma

What is the availability, price and payment of the vessel. I am looking forward to invest in your company. kindly send the offer and catalog of your company through email or whatsapp

Whatsapp: +525526603669


Kishore lal sudheer
3/21/2023 7:40:22 PM Nigeria

Any ship available in the port of Lagos Nigeria. Would like to inspect and ready to deal. 


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What is Double-Hull Sea-Going Tanker ?

A double-hull sea-going tanker is a type of tanker vessel that has two layers of structural protection against oil spills and pollution. The space between the two hulls is used as a safety margin and allows for early detection of leaks or other damages. This design was introduced to reduce the risk of oil spills in the event of an accident or collision.

In this case, the specific vessel is a chemical tanker that was constructed in Hamburg, Germany in 1973. It has a length of 82.80 meters, a beam of 11.80 meters, and a deadweight tonnage of 2078 on a draft of approximately 4.76 meters. The vessel is classified by DNV GL as 1A Ice-1b tanker for chemicals flashpoint above 60°C.

The tanker has a double hull and four cargo tanks with a total capacity of 1452 cubic meters. The tanks are not coated and are equipped with a thermal heating system that can heat up to 240 degrees Celsius. The vessel is powered by a MaK 323 engine with a power output of 1000 kW, which allows it to travel at a speed of about 9.5 knots while running on marine gas oil (MGO). It also has three auxiliary engines, including two Deutz engines and one Cummins engine.

The tanker is equipped with complete navigation and safety equipment, including pumps, cargo and ballast systems, and heating systems, to ensure safe and efficient operation. It underwent its last drydocking in Tallinn, Estonia in November 2020, and its next scheduled special survey (SS) is due on June 30, 2023.


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