Double-Screw Motor Freighter and Push Barge Combo Available for Purchase

Subject: Double-Screw Motor Freighter and Push Barge Combo Available for Purchase

Date: 5/24/2023 11:38:03 AM

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Motor Freigther 2586 tons 

Built: 1983, Germany
CVO Rhine valid until 02/2027
Tonnage 2586 ton - 2730 cbm
Dims: L 95.00 m Br 11.40 m max. Depth 3.45 m
Holds: 1x 2730 Cbm
Hatches: Yes, Niesen Iron
Main engine(s): 2x Cummins (KTA 1738) 1400 Hp total
Generators: 2x 45,30 Kva – 65 Kva
Bow thruster: Van Tiem - 350 Hp
Stearing gear: Hydraulic
Car Crane: Yes,on the foreship
Accommodation: Separate captain’s living, 5 bedrooms
Complete Navigation
Particularities: Suitable for pushin, optionally available with a push barge.



Push barge Leatitia 2894 ton

Push barge ‘Leatitia’ 2894 tons
Built: 1980, France
Certificate of measurement valid until: 12/2030
Tonnage: 2894,948 ton
Dims: L 70.00 x Br 11.44 x max draft 3.90 (m)
Number of holds: 1
Hatches: roller hatches, iron
Bowthruster: KMD, 400 Hp / 295 kW

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7/2/2023 7:38:28 PM Malaysia

I need this and more


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What is Double-Screw Motor Freighter Vessel  ?

A "Double-Screw Motor Freighter Vessel" refers to a type of cargo ship that is powered by a motor and has two propellers, each driven by its own engine. Here's a breakdown of the term:

  1. Double-Screw: This term means that the vessel has two propellers, or "screws" in maritime parlance. The two propellers can operate independently of each other, providing better maneuverability and redundancy in case one engine fails.

  2. Motor: This indicates that the ship is powered by an internal combustion engine (or engines), as opposed to being steam-powered or sail-powered. Most modern cargo ships are motor vessels.

  3. Freighter Vessel: This term refers to a type of ship designed to carry cargo. Freighters can carry various types of cargo and are often designed with specific types of goods in mind, such as containers, bulk cargo (like grain or coal), or liquid cargo (like oil or chemicals).

In summary, a Double-Screw Motor Freighter Vessel is a cargo ship with two propellers and is powered by an internal combustion engine.

What is  Push Barge Combo Vessel  ?

A Push Barge Combo Vessel refers to a combination of two types of vessels: a push boat (also known as a pusher or tug) and one or more barges. This combo is typically used in inland or coastal waters for transporting various types of cargo.

Here's a breakdown:

  1. Push Boat: This is a powerful, highly maneuverable vessel designed to push barges. It usually has a flat bow designed for coupling with the stern of the barge.

  2. Barge: A barge is a flat-bottomed boat, built mainly for river and canal transport of heavy goods. Barges can carry all types of cargo – from bulk commodities like coal, gravel, and grain to containers, petroleum products, and even hazardous materials. They are not usually self-propelled and need to be moved by a tugboat (or in this case, a push boat).

The push boat and barge can be latched together with a rigid framework (known as an articulated tug-barge, or ATB) or just coupled together with cables or chains. The push boat provides the propulsion and steering, while the barge carries the cargo. This combination provides a flexible, cost-effective method of transporting goods, especially in congested or shallow waters.

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