Subject: Economic Oil Centrifuge Machine, Ship Oil Water Separator unit

Date: 5/26/2022 9:26:40 AM

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ASSEN CYA Oil Centrifuge Machine, Oil Water Seapartor unit


1.the purification and clarification of the diesel, light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil  

2.other mineral oil.used to remove the water, moisture, mechanical impurities 

3.some harmful substances of the oil.


It has advantages of high speed, smooth operating, compact structure, small footprint, all sealed of the inlet and discharge, little noise, good separation.


Please contact Assen for more details.


Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity
Drum Diameter(mm) Rotation Speed(r/min) Motor(Kw) Discharge mode Separator
Weight(kg) Size
CYA-1 1000 230 6930 2.2 Manual 6170 245 850x625x985
CYA-2 2000 270 7200 4 Automatic 6950 550 865x645x1100
CYA-3 3000 315 6500 5.5 Automatic 7000 650 900x600x1150
CYA-4 4000 385 6500 7.5 Automatic 7500 750 1100x1050x1250
CYA-5 5000 430 6000 11 Automatic 8050 900 1200x950x1400
CYA-6 10000 500 5500 18.5 Automatic 8000 1200 1250x1000x1550
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