Subject: EMD 20-645-E4 DIESEL ENGINE, 2625 KVA, 50 CYCLES

Date: 12/9/2021 2:03:14 PM

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  • 1 EMD engine generator
  • Model: A-20-C2
  • Serial Number: 68-K1-1004
  • 2625 KVA cos fi: 0.8.
  • Speed: 750 rpm.
  • 20 cylinders, 50 cycles.
  • Basic Charge: 2100 KW.
  • Top Charge: 2300 KW.
  • Voltage: 2400/4160 Vca
  • Excitation: static 125 Vcc
  • Engine hours: 1.400 h
  • Last maintenance: November 2020
  • Engine Weight: 19.545 kg.
  • Generator Weight: 8.210 kg.
  • Total Weight: 68 tn
  • Approximate Total Size: 10m long 2m wide 3m high


Motor-generator consisting of a 20-cylinder diesel engine (including fuel supply, lubrication, cooling, air intake, exhaust and starting systems, a heater and local instrument and control panel). A 4160V generator. The engine and generator are mounted on a common bedplate.


This is emergency equipment, therefore it has very few hours of use. It has been properly maintained until 2020.


Throughout its life, it has undergone some important modifications: replacement of power units, starter motors, replacement of heat exchangers, installation of exhaust thermocouples for each cylinder, etc.

Two units available

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