Subject: EMD 20-710G3B-EC Engine for sale

Date: 7/14/2021 11:28:07 PM

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EMD 20 cylinder 710 series locomotive engine.

Model #: EMD 20-710G3B - ES  
Type: V20  
RPM: 900
HP: 5000
MW: 3.7  
Weight: 43,991 lbs; 19.64 GT
Height: 8ft 6 inches, Width: 6ft 6 inches, Length: 21ft
Rebuilt Engine

QTY: 1
Location: Illinois, USA  

Engine has 4 legs mounted to it for transportation. No need for cribbing.  

Please contact if interested for price and availability.  


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Contact Name:Sam Keedy
Company Name:Mervis Industries
Mobile Phone:2172607131
Country:United States

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