Subject: Engine Model: 6L25BX/320RPM Looking for Saper Parts.

Date: 1/2/2024 11:34:18 AM

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             We are looking for some engine parts for Niigata following engine model and parts list.

Engine Model: 6L25BX/320RPM

1- Engine Valve Intake/ Exhust 12PCS ecah.

2- Valve Guide Intake/Exhust 12PCS each.

3- Seal valve stem 24PCS.

4- Con ROd Bearing set for one Engine.

5- Main Bearing set for One engine.

6- Piston Ring Set 6Cyl.

7- Liner 1PC.

8- Piston 1PC.

9- Cyl head gasket 6Cyl.

Best Regards.


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