Date: 3/27/2024 11:10:08 AM

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Dear Sirs, 


We have seriously Vietnamese Buyers who interest to Panamax size of vessel for buy as follows:


+ Built 2005 – 2007 (Prefer Japan)  

+ Delivery in Vietnam

+ Budget 10.0 mill (Can flexibly based on vessel condition) 


Please propose the right candidates which from your direct owners with price guidance


Best Regards,

Nguyen Duc Hoanh (Mr. Mike)

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What is Panamax Vessel ?

A Panamax vessel refers to a ship that is built to the maximum dimensions that can fit through the Panama Canal, which is a key international waterway connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The Panama Canal has specific size limitations, including the maximum length, beam (width), and draft (depth) that a vessel can have in order to transit through its locks. These limitations are important because they determine the maximum size of ships that can efficiently and safely navigate the canal.

As of my last update in January 2022, the maximum dimensions for a Panamax vessel that can transit through the Panama Canal are as follows:

  • Length: Approximately 294.13 meters (965 feet)
  • Beam (width): Approximately 32.31 meters (106 feet)
  • Draft (depth): Approximately 12.04 meters (39.5 feet)

These dimensions allow ships of considerable size to pass through the canal, but they are still constrained compared to larger vessels that cannot navigate the canal due to size limitations.

Regarding your specifications for a Panamax vessel:

  1. Built 2005 – 2007 (Prefer Japan): This indicates that you are looking for a Panamax vessel built between the years 2005 and 2007, with a preference for vessels built in Japan. Japan has a strong reputation for high-quality shipbuilding, so vessels built there during this time frame may offer good structural integrity and modern features.

  2. Delivery in Vietnam: You are seeking delivery of the vessel in Vietnam. This implies that you are interested in purchasing a Panamax vessel and having it delivered to a Vietnamese port or shipyard.

  3. Budget 10.0 million (Can flexibly based on vessel condition): Your budget for this acquisition is $10.0 million, although you are open to adjusting the budget based on the condition and specific features of the vessel.

When looking for a Panamax vessel meeting these criteria, you may need to engage with shipbrokers, maritime agencies, or online platforms specializing in ship sales and purchases. Conducting a thorough inspection and evaluation of the vessel's condition, history, and compliance with regulations is crucial before finalizing any purchase agreements.


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