Subject: Excellent Used GE Frame 9E Gas Turbine power plant for SALE ...

Date: 10/22/2021 5:57:29 PM

Details: Reviews 2

Approx. 56,000h used and manufactured in 2009 complete 123MW CCGT power plant based on GE Frame 9E Gas (only) Turbine. It is in excellent condition and available for sale.



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Contact Name:Hamid Mukhtar
Company Name:HM Enterprises
Mobile Phone:00923006123973

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Arsalan Mohammadi
10/26/2022 9:25:23 AM Germany

Dear Sir 

Please be so kind and send me a complete technical and commercial offer including estimation cost for dismantling and transportation to the nearest port.


Kind Regards


Jana Dyntarova
2/11/2022 11:09:16 AM Czech Republic

Dear Sir,

Could You please give me price for this item?


Thanks a lot


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