For sale - 2006 Japan 5500dwt Gearless Single Decker - sellers reduced price

Subject: For sale - 2006 Japan 5500dwt Gearless Single Decker - sellers reduced price

Date: 5/25/2023 10:42:08 AM

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we can develop for sale below GC vsl:

M/V St Ocean - Flag Korea - IMO no.: 9380336
Single deck
Abt 5,502dwt at 7.856m draft
Blt May/2006 in Japan at Amakusa shipyard, Japan
Class: KR, SS/DD Due: May 2026 / April 2024
Loa: 80.40m / Breadth: 14.2m / Depth: 7.85m
Gross: 2993/ Net: 1514
Grain: 5800cbm / Bale: 5800cbm
Holds: 2 / Hatches: 2
Hatch cover type: Macgregor
M/E: Hanshin LH38L-33, 2800BHP
A/E: Yanmar 6NY16L, 2 sets 265KW
BWTS fitted (maker: Blue ocean shield)

(All details given WOG)

Trading FE Asia.
Firm offer invited.Sellers reduced


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What is 2006 Japan 5500dwt Gearless Single Decker ?

It is a single-decker ship, meaning it has a single continuous deck. This type of vessel is often used for general cargo. Here's a breakdown of some of the terms and specifications you've listed:

  1. "Abt 5,502dwt at 7.856m draft": DWT stands for deadweight tonnage, which is the maximum weight that a ship can safely carry when fully loaded, including the weight of the cargo, fuel, freshwater, stores, crew, and passengers. The draft of a ship is the vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull (keel), which indicates how much of the ship is underwater.

  2. "Blt May/2006 in Japan at Amakusa shipyard, Japan": This indicates that the ship was built in May 2006 at the Amakusa shipyard in Japan.

  3. "Class: KR, SS/DD Due: May 2026 / April 2024": The ship's classification society is the Korean Register of Shipping (KR). SS stands for Special Survey, and DD stands for Dry Docking. These are maintenance checks that are due in May 2026 and April 2024 respectively.

  4. "Loa: 80.40m / Breadth: 14.2m / Depth: 7.85m": LOA refers to the length overall of the ship, breadth is the width at the widest point, and depth is the distance from the main deck to the keel along a line perpendicular to the keel.

  5. "Grain: 5800cbm / Bale: 5800cbm": This refers to the cargo capacity of the vessel. Grain and bale capacities can vary based on the type and shape of the cargo.

  6. "Holds: 2 / Hatches: 2": This indicates the ship has two cargo holds and two hatches.

  7. "M/E: Hanshin LH38L-33, 2800BHP": M/E refers to the Main Engine, which is a Hanshin LH38L-33 with 2800 brake horsepower (BHP).

  8. "A/E: Yanmar 6NY16L, 2 sets 265KW": A/E refers to the Auxiliary Engine, which is a Yanmar 6NY16L, and the ship has 2 sets each providing 265 kilowatts of power.

  9. "Gearless": This means that the vessel does not have onboard cranes or derricks for cargo handling.

  10. "BWTS fitted (maker: Blue ocean shield)": BWTS stands for Ballast Water Treatment System, which is designed to treat and eliminate potentially harmful microorganisms in the ship's ballast water.

The provided IMO number 9380336 is a unique identifier assigned by the International Maritime Organization, which can be used to look up additional information about the ship in international shipping registers.


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